Steve Kerr Rumors

All of which captures Steve Kerr’s coaching demeanor. It also describes Willie Green, who has offered a similar temperament as the Warriors’ summer-league head coach. “It’s extremely fun,” Green said. “I have a lot more respect on what Stevie Kerr goes through because it’s a lot of preparation.” The Warriors believe Green has prepared well after serving as a Warriors assistant and player development coach for the past two seasons. They like how Green relates to players after cementing a 12-year NBA player as a dependable role player and shooter. They praise his X’s and O’s savvy, and ability to explain that terminology easily. They admire his steady personality.
With the team having won three titles in four seasons, Kerr knows he has to do everything he can to keep his Warriors motivated and locked in during the season to come. That should mean plenty of more nights where the players call the shots “We did the one night where they coached themselves. We might do that five times next year,” Kerr told Amin Elhassan on SiriusXM NBA Radio on Sunday. “Maybe do it once a month, I don’t know.” “And if people are mad at us, I don’t really care. We’re just…” “I was sort of amazed afterwards that people were upset. It was like, ‘We’re just trying to keep them engaged.’ And it’s really a fantastic exercise. It really is.”
Warriors coach Steve Kerr had a trusted source to consult. It turns out that trusted source also coached Cousins for the past 1 1/2 seasons. “I just said you have to be straight up with him,” New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry told The Bay Area News Group. “I enjoyed coaching DeMarcus. I think he is a talent and I think he wants to win. I think that if you got those two things right there, you have an opportunity to have some success. We had success with him. I wish him nothing but the best.”