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ABC/ESPN’s highly anticipated 10-part Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance,” is being moved up to April, The Post has learned. Sources said the start date will be Sunday, April 19. It was originally slated for June. ABC/ESPN plans to make an announcement on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, according to sources.
How have you stayed connected to the Warriors during the lockdown over the coronavirus? Mike Brown: I have been speaking to [head coach] Steve Kerr. I’ve been speaking to him a long time and he’s the best. We have a huge group chat via text where we communicate basically on a daily basis. Steve’s biggest thing is he wants everybody to make sure they take care of themselves, stay safe, stay healthy, take care of the family and try the best you can to enjoy this downtime knowing as coaches, especially, this can break at any time. Be ready.
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I thought Kerr looked more enthusiastic at times this season than he did during some of the dynasty era, when he was battling the intense headaches and other issues related to his botched 2015 back surgery and had to deal with the drama and tension of the last few seasons. This season, he could just coach. And Kerr is also just feeling better and better more than four years after the intense pain and dizziness caused him to miss 43 games during the 2015-16 season and 11 playoff games in 2017. “I’m good, I’m good,” Kerr said. “I haven’t missed a game now in like, three years I think. It’s been a long time. I love coaching and I love what I do. I look forward to being in the gym every day. So, for the most part, I’m doing much, much better and consistently feel pretty good. Not 100 percent, but when you’re 54 and got the mileage I have, probably never going to be 100 percent, that’s just the way it is. All in all, I feel pretty good and really happy to be out there night after night.”
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As of Thursday, 894 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in California, third most in the U.S. behind New York (4,152 cases) and Washington state (1,187). But given California’s testing shortfall, potentially thousands more in the state are infected. On a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr voiced frustration with the lack of testing before he conceded, “We’re in the same boat as everybody. It’s very difficult to find a test in California and many places.”