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“I think he should come back two more years,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “I smiled when he made that corner 3 right in front of us at the end of the game. It was just so typical Manu: [40] years old and 16 points, and hits the clinching 3. He’s Manu. That’s what he does. I know he’s old because he was my teammate, and I’m old as dirt. So, if I played with him, he must be old.”
12 hours ago via ESPN
Storyline: Manu Ginobili Retirement?
The Spurs squad he joined was a perennial 50-win team, but hadn’t made it out of the West in three years. They were predictable and becoming a bit stale. The way Kerr remembers it, Ginobili infused needed life into them. “We were a vanilla team,” Kerr said. “Very successful, but we were like a football team that just ran the ball every play, played great defense, won the special teams battle. There was nothing exciting about us. Manu came up and sort of shook up the organization in a good way, shook up Pop, changed the way he looked at the game. We needed that creativity, that fire.”