Steve Mills Rumors

Patrick Ewing, who represented the Knicks on the dais in Chicago, thinks the fans should be happy with who team president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry decide to choose come June 20. “Be happy with what we have,” he said after the Lottery. “Cherish him, help him, support him, support the team and hopefully good things will come.”
Storyline: Draft Lottery
“I’ve seen the ups and downs of this organization and this team a lot,” Knicks president Steve Mills told USA TODAY, “and I can honestly say that we feel really good about where we are from the flexibility we’ve been able to create with the (Kristaps) Porzingis trade to the development of young players that happened over the course of the season to the ability to add draft picks to having a coaching staff and Me and (general manager) Scott (Perry) all in the same place and moving in the same direction.”
Is this summer of free agency make-or-break for the Knicks? Mills: We believe this summer is a good summer for free agents. That’s clear. For us, it’s not make-or-break if we don’t sign a free agent. We have a plan. We have flexibility. We have draft picks. We have a good young core. We are being patient. We have an owner who has given us the room to be patient and develop this team the right way without sidestepping or taking shortcuts. That’s what we’re focused on. If there’s an opportunity to sign one or two free agents, that’s not going to be the defining moment for us. We’re going to develop this the right way with guys who want to be here.
David Fizdale: “Scott Perry and Steve Mills have done a heck of a job laying this thing out. We’ve got the most cap space. We have seven picks over five years, which means whoever we do get, we can continue to build around them, and I think that’s a great position to be in. We did all that in a course of a year and we laid down our culture, so I’m really excited about where we’re at.”
According to team president Steve Mills, Dolan gave him a random phone call a few weeks ago that could turn Ewing into the good-luck charm that brings Zion Williamson to New York City. “Actually Jim Dolan called me up and asked, ‘Who’s attending the lottery?’ ” Mills told The Post. “I said Scott [Perry, general manager], and I haven’t talked about it that much. He said, ‘I’m just making a suggestion. You can say no if you want to. But what about Patrick?’ “I said, ‘I think that’s a good idea.’ ”