Steve Mountain Rumors

Nelson’s business manager since he’s been in the league, Steve Mountain, who has worked with different pro athletes in the past 30 years, said players with Nelson’s mentality are a rarity these days. “Sports used to be the players chose to stay in a city,” he said. “They wanted to be there, they wanted to be a part of the community, they wanted their kids to grow up there and go to school there. They didn’t go home for the summer. Jameer’s old school like that. He believes that he’s an Orlando guy.”
But Mountain said Nelson’s priority is rebuilding and future opportunity in Orlando. As Mountain noted, Nelson wants to do what Wade did in Miami, “which is to pull the team through the rough times and come out on top. What if three years from now, he was 34, 35 and he was still an impact player there?” The thought excites Nelson, who’s still an effective player, averaging 13 points, 6.6 assists, 3.5 rebounds in 49 starts this season.