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A topic that came up repeatedly in discussions with stakeholders was how the league has operated differently under Silver and vice president of operations Kiki VanDeWeghe than their predecessors. According to those who communicate with him regularly, VanDeWeghe especially tends to play peacemaker more often than Rod Thorn and Stu Jackson, who held the position under David Stern. While this is welcomed by some, it can leave a gray area on rule interpretations. It was one of the reasons the unions agreed to communicate directly with each other when needed, sources said.
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Storyline: Officiating Complaints
What is your impression of their young roster and what their potential could be. Stu Jackson: “I was encouraged by the end of the season with D’Angelo Russell. I was even more encouraged with how Byron Scott handled D’Angelo Russell with not turning over the keys to the franchise to him immediately. He took the approach of making him earn it. That will pay dividends for him down the road. I think he’s a terrific talent. He has great vision as a passer and will be a prolific perimeter shooter. Julius Randle, I like a lot. I think he’s underrated ball handler and excellent rebounder. He’s competitive and has some toughness. I like him as well. Larry Nance Jr will be an excellent player for them. He’s a utility player in the frontcourt, Jordan Clarkson is another great selection.
“To include this in instant replay you have to, No. 1, make this judgment call an instant-replay trigger, which would be unprecedented,” Jackson said. “Secondly, you could be adding another boundary instant replay trigger that just isn’t in the rules. There’s only one like it, and that’s on a shot. Where do you draw the line on boundary plays? Do you go back two minutes prior to that where a guy might have stepped on the line inbounding the ball. It’s a slippery-slope kind of thing.” And as much flak as the refereeing crew took last night—Davis in particular—the fact remains that this is an apparently unprecedented situation. No question, there were missed calls all around, but really, this is just not something we see, ever. “I’ve never seen an inbounder offensively foul a defender on the ball,” Jackson said. “I’ve never seen it.”