Taiwan Rumors

Jeremy Lin is in Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou’s new music video, and it’s extremely weird and wonderful. The song translates to “Turkish Ice Cream.” You can turn on the subtitles on YouTube to see the song lyrics in English, if you wish, but the visuals alone are amazing to watch. Lin plays the piano, and he plays basketball, of course. He even shows off some dance moves.
Zeller’s appearance marks the second straight year that he will participate in the initiative. Last year, he participated in BWB Asia in Taipei, Taiwan. “It is an honor to have another opportunity to participate in Basketball Without Borders,” Zeller said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience traveling to Asia last year and I am looking forward to the chance to make lasting impressions on the campers, while also teaching the game that I love.”
Had you ever been to Taiwan? Steven Adams: No. This is the first time. And I’ve been trying to get as cultured as possible. How’s that going? What’s the experience like over there? Steven Adams: Oh, it’s really cool. All the people are really nice. And the food is really good here. Really good. I love the food here. That’s one of the things they pride themselves on, good food. And I love eating. Peas and carrots. What’s the best meal you’ve had? Steven Adams: It’s this place called Din Tai Fung. That’s this really well known dumpling place, and they have, honestly, the best food out. It’s so tasty. So, so good. Straight up. You haven’t lived life if you haven’t had it. I’m dead serious.
“It’s not like Yao in China,” Lin said with a laugh, citing perhaps the only worthy comparison and giving himself a reminder that it has been done before. “The less I know what they are saying or talking about, the better it is for me. I’ve learned to tune it out a lot. I think I’ve gotten a lot more focused on what I need to do as a player and not letting all the outside voices come in. Just like the burden and pressures and feeling like I had to do well for this group of people. ‘Oh, if I don’t do well, what are they going to say? I don’t want to let them down.’ ”