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Vanessa Bryant and her daughter, Natalia, spent their Tuesday night getting new tattoos to honor Kobe and Gianna … with the help of one of the best ink artists in the biz. It appears Nikko Hurtado made a house call for his VIP clients — and hooked the Bryants up with some pretty cool body art. Vanessa — who already has several pieces from Nikko — added the word “Mambacita” to her forearm … a tribute to Gianna, who earned the nickname through her obvious basketball talents that reminded people of her dad!
The piece includes Kobe Bryant’s initials on his wrist — along with the Larry O’Brien championship trophy above that … with the Lakers team logo right below the gates of heaven. Pretty cool tattoo. “Anything for the Lakers, everything for the Lakers, all things for the Lakers,” Snoop said … “F*ck the Clippers.” “That’s championship sh*t — something the Clippers don’t know nothing about!”
He had an ironing board out when I arrived and I wondered about it since I had no idea how to use one. He was a shy kid and had those big, jug ears and said as an adolescent he couldn’t get dates. Little known is he has a tattoo, an omega horseshoe above his left breast that he always was a bit sensitive about. He also had developed this habit of sticking his tongue out when he played ball, something his father did when he was working on cars back home, a hobby of James’. The other kids made fun of Michael for the gesture.
“Every time I look at my tattoos, it puts me back in the perspective of time, or the inspiration behind it,” James says. “So that’s all part of the journey.” In that way, the Lakers’ All-Stars aren’t so different than the tattooed fans who rooted from Bryant from afar. They weren’t ready to let go, so they got something permanent they could hold onto. Ortega is a committed bodybuilder. In his Instagram profile picture he’s flexing bulging biceps in a gold No. 24 Bryant jersey. And though he connects first and foremost to Bryant’s love of family, he says, part of the reason he wanted a tattoo after Bryant’s death was so that he could look at his forearm on the days when the weight is a struggle and “see that it’s Kobe basically telling me, ‘You better not fuck around. Push through it.’”
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