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Zhaire Smith isn’t ready to return to the NBA just yet, but he will be playing basketball that you can watch this summer. In July, he’ll be playing in The Basketball Tournament, a 64-team single-elimination tournament where the Elam Ending is used and the winner takes home $1 million. His team, Air Raiders (a team of Texas Tech alumni), announced the news Wednesday afternoon.
“My wife had to drive her car under the arena, pick me up, and I drove out a secret tunnel,” said Fredette, who won the Wooden Award during his final season in Provo, Utah, in 2011. “But people figured out where the secret tunnel was, and when we started going out, they would all hit our car and cheer us on. That’s when you knew it was getting big.” Fredette’s celebrity now is not quite at that same level, but he anticipates a slice of that rock-star reception when he leads Team Fredette in the Super 16 of The Basketball Tournament, a winner-take-all event with a $2 million prize awaiting the victor, in Atlanta this weekend.
4 years ago via ESPN