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For Flex Chapman, simply watching basketball isn’t enough. He wants a world where fans have a say in everything, from voting on uniform designs to approving hiring decisions. Basically, the software engineer wants to buy an NBA team — using crypto. “It’s the purest form of win-win that a league like the NBA can have, which has so much power and have done all the right things,” Chapman said. “This is that way to level up where people can actually participate in the league that they loved for decades.”
The plan started in the summer and quickly became Chapman’s full-time job. He wouldn’t name names, but he hinted that the organization included NBA agents and former NBA players. The Krause House has yet to launch its token — it’s expected to go on sale next Friday — but Chapman didn’t think capital would be the issue. He was more concerned with proving to the NBA that the members aren’t “a bunch of guys in a basement rallying together to disrupt the NBA.” Rather, they’re dedicated fans who are “actually capable of doing this.”