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Ted Cruz Rumors

Popovich, a 73-year-old of Serbo-Croatian heritage, did not spare American politicians, such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, as well as specific “news” outlets that seem to be exploiting the war of countries with very different levels of firepower. “Those are the people who really make me sick,” he said. “For political or personal reasons, they’re willing to jump on the Putin bandwagon and use that. Guys like Cruz and Hawley. You can go down the list. They’re just despicable people for even thinking about saying the things they’ve said. “And then you’ve got the people at Fox News that I won’t even name. They know what they’re saying. They’re highly intelligent people. But they’re still willing to do it. They’re just lickspittles of the highest order.”
Senator Ted Cruz is blasting the NBA — and heaping praise on the WTA — for the stark difference in both sports leagues’ approaches to human rights violations perpetrated by China. “I’ll tell ya something right now,” Cruz said, “The Women’s Tennis Association has bigger balls than the NBA. And I’d like to see courage be contagious and more people stand up.” Cruz made the comments while discussing the vanishing of star tennis player Peng Shuai in an interview with the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show” on Thursday … as top athletes and organizations across the country have demanded proof the star tennis is okay.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) said that he “stands” with Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and other NBA players who have shared their hesitancy about the COVID-19 vaccine. “I stand with Kyrie Irving. I stand with Andrew Wiggins. I stand with Bradley Beal. I stand with Jonathan Isaac,” Cruz wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, along with the hashtag #YourBodyYourChoice.
Cruz also applauded Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James for his comments Tuesday, when the superstar shared that he decided to get vaccinated after researching it, but didn’t intend to try to influence others to follow his lead. “I’ve never said this before: I agree with @KingJames,” Cruz said in the Twitter thread. “With his box-office power, he could be even more courageous—he could SOLVE the problem—by saying: “I stand w/ my fellow players. And I won’t play in any arena that bans another NBA player because they make a personal healthcare choice.”
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