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Terrence Clarke Rumors

The NBA continues to pay tribute to the late Terrence Clarke … by gifting his mother an honorary Rising Star jersey from the 2022 All-Star Weekend. Clarke’s mom, Osmine, shared the news on Instagram … saying she received her son’s All-Star gear from Klutch Sports — the agency TC signed with before his tragic death last April. “Thanks 🙏🏾 to Klutch team for sending me T’s jerseys,” Osmine said, “I’m so sorry 😢 he wasn’t able to showcase his talent before leaving us.” “Thanks again for all who made this possible a through STAR 🌟 looking over us love ❤️ you 5”

Storyline: Terrence Clarke Death
But just because Clarke is gone doesn’t mean his presence isn’t felt daily. Players throughout the basketball world post his initials every day on social media. Every time his friends open Instagram, they come across a photo of him they’ve never seen before from just some random local kid. He is still everywhere. He remains a Boston icon. “I’ve never seen someone at such a young age, at such a big level of stardom, have such a connection with the community,” says Grayland Seales, whose production company, The Connect Media, specializes in highlight reels for up and coming Boston athletes. “It wasn’t him just trying to do it for the camera. Like, I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s like there’s millions of people with photos with Terrence. Every day I see people posting photos with Terrence and I keep wondering how he even had time for all of it.”