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The WNBA has also partnered with the Black Women’s Health Imperative on “Take the Shot for the WIN,” a campaign to educate and raise awareness on the benefits of the vaccine in communities of color. “In Black and brown communities, women play a big role in the health decisions for their children, elder parents, their partners and themselves. As we have seen recently, the women of The W have pretty powerful voices and they can help mobilize our communities. It made sense, then, for our fully `vaxxed’ membership to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine education,” Terri Jackson, the union’s executive director, said when the partnership was announced.
Storyline: Coronavirus Vaccine
The $50,000 cap reflects the time it was negotiated, a previous collective bargaining agreement that did not take into account W.N.B.A. players coaching in the off-season because that situation simply didn’t happen. The players opted out of that C.B.A. this past November, setting the stage for a new understanding on the issue. Terri Jackson, the executive director of the W.N.B.A.’s players’ association, expressed concern over the gap between Toliver’s pay and that of other N.B.A. assistants, saying in an email: “In opting out of the current C.B.A., there were a number of issues we flagged that did not serve the best interests of our players, this was one of them. We look forward to examining this issue, which highlights ongoing equity concerns, in our negotiations.”