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Terry Stotts Rumors

Nurse and LeGarie began to work together in 2013, when the Raptors hired Nurse as an assistant coach. Nurse, 54, had 24 years of coaching experience by that point—including stints in college, Europe, the U.S. Basketball League and the G League—and yet he did not have an agent. In a meeting with Raptors officials, the team suggested Nurse retain LeGarie, who has represented Rick Carlisle, George Karl, Terry Stotts and other NBA coaches and executives.
Over Olshey’s decade as the top basketball decision-maker, multiple employees asserted they had grievances with his treatment of staff in the workplace, sources said. Olshey allegedly subjected staffers to profanity-laced tirades, including former head coach Terry Stotts while Olshey sat courtside during home games, which routinely caught the attention of Blazers players. In October 2017, late team owner Paul Allen banned Olshey from watching the game inside the arena bowl after Olshey flipped off an individual from the Los Angeles Clippers after Blake Griffin nailed a game-winning 3-pointer, sources said. The incident was caught on television.
Storyline: Neil Olshey Investigation
This week alone, the Bulls have hosted Charlie Henry, who served as the Windy City Bulls head coach and Fred Hoiberg’s assistant coach and now serves as Nate Oates’ assistant at Alabama, and longtime NBA head coach Terry Stotts. “I got a chance to know him a little bit through Rick Carlisle; Rick and I are close,” Bulls coach Billy Donovan said of Stotts, who served as Carlisle’s assistant coach with the Mavericks.
He got the last brick in Portland, being around stars like Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum, the former head coach Terry Stotts, and the GM Neil Olshey. Portland made the NBA playoffs for eight consecutive seasons. For the first time, Hezonja played in a winning organization. “It was amazing there. I believe Dame is one of the best, if not the best, leaders out there in the league. I was looking at Dame very closely. And I was so happy that they brought Melo, even if he played in front of me. But I really didn’t care. When he practiced, I literally stared at him. I was so annoying. I was calling him for dinners, lunch. I think he hates me, honestly,” Hezonja laughs. “But I was always with Dame, always keeping an eye on those Hall of Fame type of players. I learned so much from them.”