Terry Stotts Rumors

Dame’s numbers this season look similar to the numbers he’s posted throughout his career. He’s averaging almost 27 points and better than six assists per game. His shooting has continued to improve, as has his defense. There’s something else happening this season, however. “He manages the game better,” his coach Terry Stotts says. “He thinks the game better. His challenge is that as his team continues to perform at a high level, his team’s success is going to be a reflection on him.”
“I’ve been in places with superstars who don’t talk to the 15th guy,” Davis says. “If you walked in our locker room and didn’t know who made what, you wouldn’t be able to tell he makes the most money. Dame carries himself like one of us.” In his first season sans Aldridge, Lillard grew weary of his own voice and feared others felt the same. But most Blazers were new to the organization and hesitant, searching for their place in the league. They followed Lillard to the practice facility and didn’t leave, prompting coach Terry Stotts to impose blackout dates so his assistants could preserve off days.