Tilman Fertitta Rumors

“We’re going to come through the other side,” Brown said Friday. I can honestly say Tilman has been fantastic with me, with our staff, with everything that we’re doing while under a significant amount of stress.” “He’s given me and Daryl [Morey] the directive to continue to handle things the way that we’ve always had to handle things during times of crisis like this. Tilman has been fantastic with the Rockets and Toyota Center organizations, and really supporting us in that endeavor.”
Storyline: Season Suspension
What about employees—do you have a rough number of how many have been furloughed? Tilman Fertitta: Probably 40,000. You have to understand, this is a big company. Marriott and MGM have furloughed tens of thousands of employees. I can keep everyone employed, that’s easy. But then we would just fold up in 45 to 50 days. My employees want me to save the company. I can tell you honestly, people will work in this office for no pay. They want to save the company. Do people want a job for four months or do they want a job for four weeks?
Is this an existential crisis for your company? Tilman Fertitta: For the country! If I survive, the country survives. I can tell you this, I’ll survive this before the country does. Okay? I’ll out-survive the country. Just like I out-survived the banks in 1987, okay? The country will fold before I do. If the country is shut down come October or November, it’ll be anarchy in the streets. Do you not agree with that? TM: Expand on that—what do you mean? Tilman Fertitta: If nobody’s back to work and everything is shut down six months from now, how do you think we’ll be operating as a people? As a society?