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Tim Donaghy Rumors

Former NBA official Tim Donaghy alleged in the Let’s Get Technical podcast with former players Bonzi Wells and Rasheed Wallace that the latter was often the target of $20 bets among referees, about who could give the forward a technical foul first. “And speaking of those technical fouls, you know, especially with [Wallace], depending on who was refereeing the game, if I was with a couple of my buddies, you know, we’d throw $20 on the table when we had a team like Portland and [Wallace], and we’d say, ‘The first one to bang Rasheed with a technical foul gets $60.” So, there were a lot of games that, you know, went on behind the scenes. When you say you deserve those technicals, eh, probably a couple of them were given out a little bit quicker than they were for the next guy because of a simple $20 bet in the locker room.”
Tim Donaghy is set to make his return to officiating. Though he remains persona non grata anywhere near the National Basketball Association, Donaghy has agreed to appear as a referee for the Major League Wrestling promotion. “Pro wrestling is entertainment, and I always joked the NBA was a form of entertainment and I compared it a little bit to pro wrestling behind the scenes,” says Donaghy, who will be donning the striped official’s jersey for the first time since 2007. “When I was growing up, I always enjoyed pro wrestling, guys like Hulk Hogan and Ivan Putski. I thought it would be fun to get involved and see where it goes.”
In the first two episodes, we hear from Donaghy directly but don’t necessarily break new ground as by Livingston’s own admission, there are significant doubts as to whether he’s being 100% truthful in this go-around. That said, Episode 3, which drops tomorrow, introduces us to a new cast of characters who had direct involvement in the scandal including Donaghy’s long-time friend and co-conspirator, Tommy Martino raise questions about the involvement of other referees, specifically mentioning long-time and current NBA ref, Scott Foster. To be clear, Foster has not been implicated in the scandal and the NBA-commissioned Pedowitz report even cleared Foster of any wrongdoing but the podcast does raise a number of interesting (albeit circumstantial) data points that raise questions about what Foster knew or didn’t know.
Storyline: Tim Donaghy Scandal
In episode 2, former Colombo crime family boss, Michael Franzese alludes to the fact that he (i.e. the mafia) had multiple referees on the payroll both in the NBA and across major professional sports. In episode 3, Tommy Martino specifically mentions Foster by name, describing how Donaghy would frequently take private calls with Foster outside of earshot before every game that Donaghy both officiated and bet on. A 2008 Fox News article, which seemingly got overlooked in the midst of the media onslaught analyzed Donaghy’s phone records and discovered that between October 2006 and April 2007 (the season during which Donaghy was ultimately caught), Donaghy made 134 phone calls to Foster, which surpassed the 126 calls he made to his bookie during that same span. While Donaghy suggests that those calls were merely two friends catching up, but according to Livingston, the timing and duration of these calls suggests otherwise, as each call was roughly two minutes in duration and largely took place immediately before and after 54 of the 57 games Donaghy officiated that year.