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Tim Grgurich Rumors

“It was a really great experience,” Calhoun said. “Pop was great. The folks on his staff, Chip Engelland, Ime Udoka, Will Hardy, they were great. Steve Kerr, awesome. Jay Wright from Villanova and Lloyd Pierce, Jeff Van Gundy, P.J. Carleslimo – they were great people, first and foremost, alongside being really talented coaches. “I’ve worked (Tim Grgurich’s) summer camp and the NBA predraft camp and now Team USA. Those are all unique opportunities where you get to spend time with players. You spend a lot of time with them. You’re in the trenches with them. For me, the relationships I’ve built with other players and the other medical staffs, that’s an opportunity you don’t normally get this sport. The experience as a whole is one of those life experiences that you just can’t replace.”
KL: Last year, whenever we talked about the progress of your young players, you would finish by saying, “And I include Andre in that group. He’s still a young player.” We saw growth from him over the course of last season. In what areas do you want to see him take a next step? Dwane Casey: One, his overall conditioning. He’s in the best shape since I’ve been around him, the year and a half that I’ve seen. His body is slim and trim, his body fat is down, he’s been in Vegas working with Coach Gerg (Tim Grgurich) and Sean Sweeney all summer religiously, two and three times a day.
“He’s a guru, man,” Ellenson said. “I just think he knows how to talk to players. Particularly, for me, he gives me a lot of confidence, he gives a lot of guys confidence.” Detroit needs its players to develop. The franchise, which hasn’t won a playoff game in 10 seasons, is in a salary-cap chokehold, tied up for multiple years with highly paid players. In the immediate future, the Pistons will need improvements from within to change their path, particularly in the next two seasons. “There are some guy you can look at and say, ‘He’s a pro. That guy’s a pro.’ There are guys who are pros but you questions what their ceiling is,” Anthony said. “What (Grgurich) does is get you to your ceiling.”