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Tim Legler Rumors

Chris Webber: From 18 months at Michigan, from the period of calling the timeout, which was the worst period. It was April, and within almost 50 days, you have to deal with the mistake you made, forget yourself, then prepare for the next level. I was happy with the focus that I had, I didn’t get caught up. I didn’t use anything as an excuse not to succeed that next year. So it goes straight to for me was a success. It was an honor. I didn’t want to leave Golden State, but my contract had an out after the first year. That was great for me financially. But it’s not necessarily what Nelly appreciated. (Webber signed a 15-year, $74 million deal as a rookie but had a player option on his contract for the second season, which he exercised to become a free agent.) I got to go play in Washington and that was awesome because of Juwan, Tim Legler, Rod Strickland, Tracy Murray, Chris Whitney and all those guys. D.C. was a great place to live.
Now, even with the new ESPN deal, Legler may be on the move again. Legler has come pretty close to taking a college coaching job twice in the past, interviewing with La Salle, his alma mater, and with Duquesne. After gearing his career around being a father first, his adult kids have a message for him. “They said, ‘Dad, it is your time now,’ ” Legler said. He coached both his children’s AAU teams, even at one point — in something out of a sitcom — teaming up with his ex-wife, Jennifer, to lead one. Through it all, ESPN has allowed him to be a dad and coach. He was on the top NBA pregame show around 13 years ago with the late John Saunders, Stephen A. Smith and Greg Anthony, but he has mostly been a “SportsCenter” guy.
Still, as the latitude for even role players has grown, the “standards for what great shooters are have completely dropped,” said Legler, who when he was with the Washington team in 1995-96 shot .522 from 3-point range, attempting about four 3-pointers a game. “People like Brent Price and me had to lead the league in 3-point shooting to have a green light. Now it’s eight or nine guys per roster,” he said. “You’re considered this gunslinger if you make three of nine now, because that means that guy is worth 250 3-pointers a season. If I shot less than 38 percent from there when I played, I wouldn’t have been on the floor or in the league very long.”