Tim Shea Rumors

Krossover Intelligence, a leading film analysis and statistics company, today announced they will be expanding their full service coaching solution to a global audience. As part of the expansion, Krossover recently appointed International Director Tim Shea and recruited a group of highly experienced and well-respected international basketball representatives to be ambassadors of Krossover’s technology. Krossover’s technology combines a unique mixture of ultra-modern concepts of film study, video training and advanced analytics, which will now be available to the entire international sporting community.
“Just give him two years with diet, weight training with guys who will put on [muscle] mass without taking away his speed and with the facility [the Knicks] have over there, this kid’s a gym rat,’’ Shea said. “He said he can’t believe he’ll get a key to the practice site. You’ll go in at 3 a.m. and he’ll be shooting shots. The kid’s dedicated his life to basketball.’’ There are skeptics in New York, and Shea — more than anyone — knows why. “Of course fans were disappointed because of [international players] such as [Andrea] Bargnani, [Maciej] Lampe, Slavko [Vranes],’’ Shea said.
Sources repeatedly have told The Post that Shea and former Knicks scout Scott McGuire tried to steer Tapscott away from Weis. Shea admits he was against drafting Ron Artest because of hometown distractions, but won’t confirm his feelings on drafting Weis. “I’m always going to be associated with Frederic and I’m never going to say publicly what happened,’’ Shea said. “We made a team decision. We were seven people and we all voted and I’m not telling who voted for whom. Scott had an opinion. Kenny Williamson, may he rest in peace, had an opinion. Ed had an opinion and you’re not going to get that from me. What happened later to him in summer league had much more an effect on Frederic than who decided to draft him.’’
Jorge Sierra: Former Bobcats scout Tim Shea tells HoopsHype he has not been named head coach of the Nigerian National Team. “I’m just on the coaching staff,” Shea said. “Ayo Bakare is the official head coach. I’m very happy just to be on the staff. We go to China at the end of the month and then on to USA, Brazil and then Caracas for the pre-Olympic tournament with some great players and I’m very very happy to be part of this team and this country.”
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