Tiny Archibald Rumors

Today, the 72-year-old Archibald is healthy and grateful to the NBPA for what it’s doing for retired players. “Chris Paul, LeBron [James], KD [Kevin Durant], those guys who were on the [NBPA] board that made the decision,” Archibald said. “They saw [retired] guys limping with canes, wheelchairs. Not normal for them because they’re active and we weren’t. Seeing guys in that type of shape, they felt that this needed to be done. Then the NBA came on board to kind of finalize this whole thing. But I’m grateful that it happened because some of us wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be here talking to you today.”
Six times per year over the last three years, the NBPA has staged these screenings around the country at teams’ arenas and practice facilities. They are free of charge, and Rogowski said more than 500 ex-players have participated. According to an ESPN.com report, these examinations have revealed that 20 percent of those older than 60 had diabetes, more than 30 percent were obese and more than 35 percent of those between 40 and 59 had high blood pressure. They have also saved at least one life. Hall of Fame guard Tiny Archibald — a contemporary of Malone, Jones and Dawkins — was found in 2016 to be in need of a heart transplant, which he has since received.
Rogowski and the NBPA’s efforts saved the life of Hall of Famer Nate “Tiny” Archibald. “He came to this screening in New York City two years ago. After having gone through the screening, we were able to detect a heart abnormality that he was able to get surgery on and a heart transplant. He’s very thankful for the program, because he didn’t know that he had this issue.”
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