Todd Chapman Rumors

Todd Chapman is president and CEO of the San Francisco-based real estate and development firm. Cowbell Kingdom touched base with Chapman for his thoughts on yesterday evening’s open house, JMA’s involvement in Sacramento’s effort to keep the Kings and more. CK: What kind of feedback have you received tonight from members of the public? TC: Well, it’s been real supportive. I think people had questions about looking at the site, where we thought certain aspects of the project might go, where the arena would go, maybe where the retail gets repositioned. And when we walked them through, there’s a lot of support and enthusiasm.
CK: You were part of the Sacramento contingent in New York a few weeks ago as the city, along with Seattle, made its case to the NBA. What role did you play in Sacramento’s presentation to the league? TC: Well, you know those proceedings are confidential and so they want to keep them that way. But, certainly I was there to help answer any questions or concerns anybody had on the real estate side and whether the arena could actually work on the site and that’s what I did. CK: Coming out of those meetings, what was your general sense of how your presentation was received by the league? TC: Well you know, I’m not gonna comment on them necessarily, but I certainly was proud to be a part of that group. And I thought everyone there did a great job in stating Sacramento’s case and why this is a great community and great market for the NBA.