Tom DiLeo Rumors

Allen issued a statement Wednesday indicating there are four candidates. I have every reason to believe the fourth is DiLeo, who may have been a surprise even to some who thought they were clued into the search. Crazy stuff, but this is probably understandable when you blow up a long line of executives. Also, when you rely largely upon a committee comprised of people with wide agendas to bring you candidates. Feels like Morway is out of this race, which immediately makes you wonder where that leaves Miller. Also feels like Olshey would be a big stretch, too, not because he’s not qualified or competent, but because he’s represented by an agent who isn’t viewed favorably by the Blazers. That leaves us with Bower and DiLeo. Given that the Blazers haven’t had a general manager since May 2011, and also, that both of those candidates have been available and ready to go to work for the Blazers during that long stretch, it’s pretty clear that the search looked past both at least once.