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For this team to respond the way that they have the last few weeks, when it could have bowed out, I think that says something about the leadership of Troy and Dwane. As for Dwane, though, the fact the team has responded to him after a tough stretch, do you expect to have him back to be the head coach next season? Tom Gores: I want to see Dwane for more than next year. Dwane has threaded the needle this year. To lose a lot, and we’ve lost a lot of games, the key is … can you keep everyone’s spirit alive? So, his ability to keep everyone’s spirit alive, I think, is such a talent. He’s a great man, and we love each other, Dwane and I, but that’s not enough to win basketball games. But he understands how to keep these guys engaged while they’re going through a hard time. He’s threaded the needle. He has this ability to keep everyone inspired. The players love him, and I do, too, but the players love him.
Tom, this team has flirted with .500 since Valentine’s Day. After a slow start, have these last few weeks eased your mind in terms of the process, starting from scratch and where it’s going? Tom Gores: I’ve enjoyed seeing the results, but, honestly, we have great people in charge — Dwane, Troy. I always get nervous about where we’re going and everything, but we have great leaders. Dwane and Troy are just tremendous leaders, both with the team and our young people. Is it a relief that we’re winning a little bit? I’m very proud of this team and the players.