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Billionaire Tom Gores said he is committed to reforming business practices in the corrections services industry, but that it will take time and patience. Calls for the owner of the Detroit Pistons to cut ties with Securus Technologies Inc., a controversial prison phone company, erupted anew last week in a letter from criminal justice advocates to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and in a full-page ad published in The New York Times. Critics are calling on the league to force Gores to sell the Pistons and step down from the NBA board because of his ties to Securus.

Tom Gores: 'We require a little bit of patience'

With five rookies on the 15-man roster and eight players 23 or younger, Gores knows that being competitive and having that translate to immediate success might not be possible. But he’s invested in watching the progress of the team and asks the same of Pistons fans. “We require a little bit of patience,” he said. “It was difficult, but it was the right thing to do and I like what Troy’s doing in jump starting it reasonably fast with all these young folks. It’s not about me. It’s about getting to the end road we all want to get to.”
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Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores said Saturday that a recent advertisement calling on the league and its owners to force him to sell his club because of his ownership of a prison telecom company “hurts” and that he is committed to changing the system. “It hurts,” Gores said during media availability ahead of Detroit’s home opener. “I’m not gonna tell you that it doesn’t. I have a family, but then I always kind of look at things and say, ‘Life’s happening for a reason and you’re put in that place to make a difference, so maybe that’s a blessing.’ Then I also think about people, especially in the African American community who have gone through a lot more judgment and pain than I have. They might judge me a certain way, and then I say, ‘Get your s— together, Tom; let’s go fight this fight.'”
Platinum Equity, Gores’ private equity firm based in Beverly Hills, California, acquired Securus in 2017 for $1.6 billion, but activists argue that this ownership doesn’t align with the NBA’s support of social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Gores said he is committed to changing the system but that it will take time and patience. “We have been doing. It’s just that not everybody knows and maybe we’ve even undercommunicated on it, but we have been really doing a lot of work to reform the industry and even forgetting the company,” Gores said. “And it’s crazy, it’s not that I’m excited about it; I just think this is a unique opportunity for me and for us to impact our country and the world in a bit, because it’s not really about this one company — it’s about an industry that really does need to be changed.”