Tom Thibodeau Rumors

Under new GM Troy Weaver, it’s possible the Pistons take a different approach with Rose. Rose, it’s worth noting, enjoyed his time with the Knicks and hoped to re-sign with them in the 2018 offseason. The Knicks opted against re-signing him and Rose subsequently signed short-term deals with Minnesota and Detroit. Rose is set to be a free agent in the 2021 offseason. If the Knicks were to give up assets for him, it would indicate that they planned on re-signing him in the 2021 offseason. New York will have significant cap space this the coming offseason.
While he’s not willing to reestablish his long-term Knicks fandom as he runs for mayor, Yang’s tone on his podcast, “Yang Speaks,’’ this week seemed to shift on the Garden’s team — impressed with its 8-10 start. Yang said the club has “turned the page” with new coach Tom Thibodeau getting the club to “overachieve.” Yang said he believes in Thibodeau because he’s part of Jeff Van Gundy’s “coaching tree.”