Tom Thibodeau Rumors

Dolan fist-bumped coach Tom Thibodeau and a few of the players as they were coming off the court after the win. “That was great,’’ Thibodeau said. “It’s always great to have him around, I think the players, appreciate it. We had Dr. [Lisa] Callahan [the team’s chief medical officer] here as well, so excited to have her. So perhaps they’re our good luck charms. Also had Leon and Wes, had a full house.’’
Next month, Dolan will likely be sitting in his Garden suite watching the Knicks’ first postseason game since 2013. He has been to almost all the Garden games this season, but since fans were allowed back, he has been hidden from view in his suite. “He’s been very supportive,’’ Thibodeau added. “He’s been great for us, been great with me. I know. Leon, Wes and [general manager] Scott Perry are in constant communication [with him]. Everything that we have asked for in terms of having a first class organization, he’s been committed, and you can’t ask for anything more from an owner. So, we’re excited about that.’’