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Tom Thibodeau Rumors

The Celtics did not want to dip into the luxury tax, and so they let him walk. Fournier said he wanted to play for Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, and also,“I enjoy pressure, I enjoy the spotlight. “They had a good season and they had a really good spot open. I thought I could help and yeah, God, it’s freaking New York,” Fournier said. “You want to be a part of something big, you want to have pressure, you want to be a guy that competes every night and I feel like New York was a great opportunity for me to live those moments.”
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Bulls targeting Derrick Rose?

Regardless of that outcome, there are strong indications from league sources that mutual interest exists between Derrick Rose and his storied hometown franchise, where he claimed league MVP honors in 2010-11. It’s unclear how Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau can stand in the way of the Bulls’ potential advances, and Chicago will need to shed contracts to bring on two ball-handlers at such expected salaries.
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According to one league source, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau was pushing for West Virginia sophomore point guard Miles McBride, who has been projected in some mocks as an early second-round or late first-round pick. It’s unclear at which slot Thibodeau would prefer to select McBride — No. 19 or 21 in the first round, or No. 32 early in the second round — but the 20-year-old impressed him in his Knicks workout.

Lakers, Celtics, Sixers interested in Reggie Bullock

In coach Tom Thibodeau’s words, the Knicks are looking at July 29’s draft for “wings and shooters.’’ They have one in their midst who performed admirably during their 41-31 season. But they could lose him to a division rival in free agency if they don’t step up, The Post has learned.
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