Tommy Sheppard Rumors

Troy Brown: As soon as I heard those words, I knew my time in D.C. was over. The voice on the other end of the phone was Tommy Sheppard, the Wizards’ general manager. He said a few other things with positive words of encouragement and told me I was headed to Chicago. I always knew there was a chance that I would be traded, mainly because I just hadn’t been playing that much lately and in the NBA, players get traded all the time. Even though it’s nice to feel wanted, nothing prepared me for that moment.
This year, as they approach the March 25 trade deadline, the Wizards want to make up some ground to reach the playoffs but also not mortgage their future in any significant way. As general manager Tommy Sheppard has said publicly, he does not plan to take any shortcuts. So, the expectation should be that they will do something, but likely nothing major. And according to a person familiar with their plans, defense will be of the utmost concern.