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Tommy Sheppard Rumors

A chance to play for his hometown team, the Lakers, came up and the Wizards acted quickly to grant his wish. Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard confirmed that was the case on Friday in an offseason press conference and explained how the timeline of events transpired in the days leading up to the trade in July. “That was a very, very unusual circumstance where the day before the draft we were kind of spitballing some ideas and getting some input. I had a heart-to-heart with Russell and it was important to him that I knew and the Wizards knew he wants to play here,” Sheppard said. “If there was ever an opportunity with the Lakers, that would be the one place. I look at his Hall of Fame career and all he did for us, certainly, for me, I will try to help a guy as long as it helps the Wizards. In this case, we could do a deal and it did help the Wizards.”