Tony Ronzone Rumors

As one of the Mavericks’ international scouts, Tony Ronzone spends a large amount of his time going to the ends of the earth to find basketball talent. Occasionally, he has found himself in compromising situations. The Sri Lanka trip tops everything else on the scouting road for Ronzone. “They had rebels — it’s like civil war in the country,” he said. “We got stopped and they had rifles pointed at us for two hours and wouldn’t let us do anything. Was I little concerned about that one? Yeah. I probably wouldn’t do that one these days, being a little older and a little smarter.”
Ronzone has been doing this for decades. His world travels – and travails – have taken him to more than 90 countries and some obscure outposts. He was in North Korea to scout a 7-8 player named Michael Ri but was denied entry to the country because of visa problems. He spent a week in Thailand trying to get the issue resolved. He eventually did – two months later after returning to the U.S. All this, and Ri was not an NBA-caliber player.