Trade Rumors

Cavs open to trading No. 5 pick

The Cavs will be active this offseason. They will explore trade opportunities, using the No. 5 pick as bait. Sources say owner Dan Gilbert will allow the front office to take on future salary — if the move makes sense and the piece coming back significantly improves their chances either in the short or long term. But activity doesn’t always lead to action.
To land in New York, Mitchell would have to ask for a trade to the Knicks. Maybe that happens sometime over the course of his contract? But it’s hard to see it happening in the first year of the deal. For those Knicks fans holding out hope for Mitchell it’s worth noting that earlier in the 2019-20 season, some of Mitchell’s teammates privately expressed uncertainty over whether he’d remain with the Jazz long-term.
James Harden has been heavily criticized throughout his career for his playoff underperformance, but he’s also a consistent MVP candidate who is solely responsible for the team being in position to contend every year. Would the Rockets actually consider moving on from Harden? “I wouldn’t put it past [Daryl Morey] to consider moving James Harden,” NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh told NBC Sports Bay Area. “Do I think it is going to happen? I would not bet on it.” “Daryl Morey is as transactional as any GM we have seen in the NBA,” Haberstroh continued, “so I think this team that you see right now for Houston, is probably not going to be the team next season.”
Storyline: James Harden Trade?