Trade Rumors

Chris Haynes on which star may be available next: “I just got Bradley Beal on my podcast and I straight up told Bradley, ‘Man, look, the Washington Wizards probably should’ve broken this team up a few years ago.’ John Wall is out for a year. They traded Otto Porter. Is Bradley Beal the next guy? Is it time to move on [from him]? I think Washington has to do some self-reflecting. It may be time to move on from Bradley. And Bradley isn’t the type of guy who’s going to ask [for a trade] or want out; he’s a loyal dude. He’s a real loyal dude. But it might be in their best interest to trade him.”
But though DeRozan admitted he no longer owns a home in Toronto, the fans sent a clear message to their former All-Star. Toronto will always be home. He’s done too much in his time living in the city for it not to be labeled another home. And though it’s clear DeRozan still isn’t satisfied with the way things transpired last summer after he was sent to the Spurs in a trade for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, and has yet to communicate with Raptors president Masai Ujiri, one day even that beef will end. “Time does heal everything,” DeRozan said. “That doesn’t mean it’s going to go back to the same way that it was. I’m fine with that. I moved on. I’m happy where I’m at.”
The possibility of being traded had already been on your radar for awhile, right? Marc Gasol: Yeah. The team put it out there. At that time you have two choices: accept it or not. It’s nothing personal, that’s the team’s [decision], and that’s it. Does that feeling change once it actually happens? Marc Gasol: For a few days you wake up like, ‘Did that really happen?’ And then you realize, ‘Yeah, this is the situation you’re in.’ In the grand scheme of things, I ended up being in a great situation, with a great team with great expectations. That’s what this is all about. You can’t be mad about that.
Michael Shapiro: What kind of pressure did you feel to improve Cleveland’s roster at the trade deadline each year with LeBron? David Griffin: It’s not just the pressure with LeBron, it’s that the only mark of success each year was winning a championship. This wasn’t about being elite. This wasn’t about winning a round in the playoffs. LeBron’s presence means you must win championships. It was like you’re taking care of the legacy of Babe Ruth. Nobody knows who his general manager was, and nobody really knows if that general manager was successful or not. But because the Yankees won as many championships as they did, Ruth and [Lou] Gehrig and those guys’ legacies are what they are. It was something we felt responsible for. This is the greatest player of his generation, and if you’re not delivering championships you’re failing.
“I’ve been in this league 40 years. A lot of players got traded on Thursday. Guess what’s going to happen next year? A lot of players going to get traded, and a lot of players will stay home. I talked to our guys. They’re in a good place. That’s all that matters.” But are they, really? That’s not the case if you talk to sources close to several key players. “Guys will be professional, but it will never be the same,” one agent who represents a Lakers player said.
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