Trade Rumors

Tatum said that after his workout for Philadelphia, the 76ers told him they intended to select him with the third pick. He flew to Phoenix anyway to meet with the Suns, and he was enchanted by the warm weather and easygoing lifestyle. Maybe Phoenix was where he belonged, he thought. But while he was there, Krzyzewski called. “I just talked to Brad Stevens,” Krzyzewski told him. “I think they might trade their pick. I think you should go to Boston for a workout.”
Tatum was exhausted from the process. He didn’t want to fly to Boston for a second workout for a trade that might not even happen. But the Celtics were moving quickly. “Danny [Ainge] and I were talking many times a day about how to approach the Philly trade negotiations,” said Zarren, the assistant general manager. “And when it became clear during that time that we were taking Jayson No. 1 anyway, it made the trade discussions much easier.”
During a recent podcast, several media members discussed whether the Wizards should reassemble their roster in the offseason. They pointed to an example of what the Los Angeles Clippers did in the past year, trading Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst mentioned that Los Angeles would be able to pursue Beal in a potential deal.
Storyline: Bradley Beal Trade?