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Spencer Dinwiddie: I think what we learned through NBA Top Shot, NFTs and the NBA as a whole is that there is definitely a market for collectibles in sports — just like baseball cards. It’s been that way through the dawn of time in that space because of verified scarcity. With the NFT boom and collapse, we also learned that just like anything else, you can’t overdo it. It has to be something we as a fan base and consumers genuinely think is valuable and have thought is valuable. If you just strap an NFT to a leaf that fell off a tree, during the boom, that’s cool. But there is no market for that. That’s what I’m most excited about for Calaxy. When these things look like apples to apples, it becomes a market and that’s tradeable. It’s not going to be like the NFT experience of this past spring where everybody tried to do a one-off art collab but there was no real market that was able to standardize these things and allow them to really pair up value to see what happened.
During Thursday’s 2021 NBA Draft, history will be made and dreams will come true for the league’s next wave of stars — and Panini America will be ready to celebrate by making some trading card history of its own. On Tuesday, the Panini Instant website launched the 32 cards that will comprise the 2021 NBA Draft Night set. Although the cards feature silhouetted images now, Thursday night the cards will be updated in real-time as selections are made, meaning each new draftee’s first trading card with his new NBA team logo will be available just minutes after his name is called.
eBay says trading cards of all kinds “are seeing significant growth” but their data indicates the biggest gains have come from Pokémon (+1,046%) and Marvel (+764%) cards. In the sports card category, the biggest growth areas were soccer (+1588%) and basketball (+296%). The actual sales figures are staggering. Sales of soccer cards grew from $1.5 million in the first quarter of 2020 to $24.7 million. Some of that is undoubtedly tied to the number of new products that have been introduced to the market over the last 18 months, but the figures would indicate there is no shortage of buyers. Basketball card sales soared from $98.2 million in the first quarter of 2020 to $389 million in 2021.
The card itself is incredibly valuable … but it’s the pristine condition that makes this particular version worth the price of a nice house. The card graders at PSA scored the cardboard a perfect 10 — mint condition — making it 1 of only 24 copies known to exist, according to SCP. The auction kicked off a few weeks ago … with a starting bid price of $150,000. There have already been 7 bids placed … with the high bid coming in at $354k!!