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If the choice to award the Cup in exhibition games strikes you as strange, consider that the teams, in conjunction with NBA Canada, used it as an opportunity to host the events around the country. The five Naismith Cup matches held between 1995 and 2000 (the 1998 game was cancelled due to the lockout) were played in Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, and Ottawa. That’s a tradition the Raptors do their best to continue to this day, holding recent training camps in Victoria or Quebec City, and exhibition games in Montreal, Vancouver, and London. (They still owe St. John’s a game, as former Raptors general manager and current CEO of Canada Basketball Glen Grunwald is quick to remind us.) The touring Naismith Cup games were well-attended, ranging from 8,190 to 15,104 fans in attendance.
The NBA is closing in on signing off on a second “bubble” in Chicago for the eight teams that were not invited to play in Florida, enabling them to participate in a mini-training camp and subsequent games against other clubs with a target date of September, sources told ESPN on Thursday. The details are still being hammered out, and teams continue to push for an alternative plan that would enable them to hold mini-camps within their local markets and to explore the idea of establishing regional sites where teams could scrimmage against each other.
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Adrian Wojnarowski: As coronavirus testing for players heading to Orlando starts today, teams are bracing for significant numbers of positive tests. One Western Conference playoff team had four positives in past few weeks, per sources. Full training camps start on July 11 at Disney. It’s a bigger concern for non-guaranteed playoff teams to lose players to extended quarantine before Orlando. Playoff teams worried less about needing key players for seeding games in August have more time to get players back to shape. All are worried about soft-tissue injuries.
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Raptors players and staff will move to the “NBA campus” at the Disney complex in the Orlando area in early July to further prepare for the stretch run. “In keeping with NBA and team safety protocols, there will be no group workouts during this phase of return to play, and strict protocols have been designed to ensure this initial level of access will take place in a safe, controlled, and healthy way,” the Raptors said in a brief statement announcing their departure. “Group workouts will only begin once teams have reported to the NBA campus at Disney.”
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Teams are set to ramp up training this week. A transaction window will soon open. Seeding games and the playoffs are scheduled for Disney World. When will the union actually approve this plan? Brian Windhorst of ESPN on Sunday: “This, from what everybody that I talked to, right now is too big to fail. The overwhelming majority of players are excited. They want to be there. From what I understand, Hannah, it is going to happen. They’re on the verge of coming to an agreement. That could be announced in the next 48 hours, certainly before training camps re-open the middle of this week. We are headed towards at least a restart of training camp with agreement from the union very soon.”
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Shams said that the Nets opening was created because a number of Nets players —not just Kevin Durant and Irving— weren’t crazy about Atkinson’s offense. “There were a few things,” said The Athletic reporter. “Let’s start early in training camp. The offense he still wanted to go with was something that didn’t vibe with his best players, from Kyrie Irving to Kevin Durant to Spencer Dinwiddie on … and so forth … which was a free for all offense. It wasn’t like a set regime, a set style. He still wanted to play the way they were kind of playing with D’Angelo Russell. And I don’t think guys went with that.

2020-21 NBA season to start on Dec. 1?

Shams Charania: Sources: The NBA informed the Board of Governors of scheduled dates: – Training camp: June 30, July 7 travel to Orlando – 2019-20 season: July 31 – Free agency: Oct. 18 – 2020-21 targets: Nov. 10 training camp, Dec. 1 opening night (can remain fluid)
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If the NBA ends up settling on the 22-team format, at least some of the remaining eight teams will push for some form of training camp over the summer, sources said. Franchises fear being apart from their players for as long as eight or nine months. Like so much of what comes next, the concept of a formal summer camp places the NBA in uncharted territory. Intruding into what are typically offseason months for players would require some bargaining with the players association, sources said. And what about players entering free agency when the offseason begins – which could extend as far as mid-October?
GCM: From a conditioning standpoint, how would you compare where you are now to how you felt when the season was suspended? Is this like starting over in a way? Valanciunas: It’s kind of like coming back from the summer. We’ve had two-and-a-half months off. But then again, I play with the (Lithuania) National Team every summer, so it’s not like you always have so much time off every summer. So it’s sort of like coming back and getting ready for training camp again, to get back in shape and into game rhythm. It’s unusual, with guys wearing masks and stuff, but it is sort of like getting yourself ready for training camp right now.
Nets center Jarrett Allen returned to the team’s recently reopened practice facility in Brooklyn on Tuesday wearing a face mask. The team opened its facility for voluntary workouts followingGov. Andrew Cuomo’s Sunday announcement that said New York sports teams can hold in-state training camps. “I believe sports that can come back without people in the stadium, without having people in the arena, do it. Do it,” Cuomo said. “Work out the economics if you can. We want you up. We want people to be able to watch sports to the extent people are still staying home. It gives people something to do.”
Some teams have considered setting up temporary training camps at interim stops prior to arriving at Disney World in Orlando, where Eastern Conference teams expect they’ll be stationed to complete the season, sources said. Twenty-one of the league’s practice facilities are open for voluntary workouts, but most players on the Knicks and Nets haven’t returned to the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, New York. In most instances, front office executives say, they’re unable to get players to return to their markets to start preparing for the season’s resumption without the commissioner announcing that the season will be resumed.

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Bryan Doo, who left the Celtics in 2017 after a 14-year run as the team’s strength and fitness coach to focus on the growth of his private company, Optimal Fitness, believes a gradual ramp-up will be best for all concerned once the NBA sends out the call. “The thing we don’t think about is how great these guys are as athletes. They’ve been going since AAU, so it’s not necessarily a huge bad thing that they get a rest,” Doo said this week. “In the grand scheme of things I think these guys are such great athletes, they can adjust until it’s time to go back and play games. What I think will happen is that teams will go deeper in their benches, so guys don’t play as many minutes. That’s what I would do.”
“One of the biggest challenges is the intensity in the game. We can do some high intensity work, but the physicality of the game is so much greater than any activity they’re going to get,” said Doo. “Definitely it’s how hard they go. When you go from jogging or some sprinting to running up the court, stopping on a dime, jumping and landing, the intensity of the game is different from a workout.”
A player’s gradual return, then, is the key for an NBA trainer or strength coach. “There are things in place,” said Doo. “Once you get the call that you’re three weeks out, ‘Hey, we just heard from the league, let’s start jumping rope, or a sprint pattern, something like that.’ They can do things so that when I get to them, it’s finding the right things after that. Because what I think is going to happen is that once guys get back, they’re all going to want to play basketball. The players themselves are just going to want to ball. It’s almost like keeping them from themselves.”
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The team’s Vice President of Player Care and Performance, Aaron Nelson, is widely respected and is the head of the NBA Trainers Association and is at the forefront of the NBA’s thought-process as to how to get players ready to return to action “There’s a sports science committee I believe that the league has engaged in conversations around this very thing,” Pelicans Executive V.P. of Basketball Operations told reporters via teleconference. “I think there would be a pretty unanimous sentiment that the longer we’re out, the longer we’re going to need.”
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Aaron Nelson: “I would hope that we would be able to model something like an off-season which the [training facilities] are open for an informal period of time, let’s call that two weeks, and then two weeks of a training camp that would lead into game play. Again, that would be a totally different set of numbers, but having an equal amount of informal time where guys can come in and start working on their own and starting to engage in more explosive activities, that’s certainly something that would be helpful for everyone, and I know that’s been talked about from a sports science standpoint.”
“In talking to executives and trainers around the league, what they’re looking at is a 25-day return to basketball window,” Windhorst said on ESPN on Sunday. “An 11-day series of individual workouts. …and then hopefully, if the clearance comes that they can play five-on-five basketball, a 14-day training camp. So as you hope for the country to heal and the virus to get better, look for at least about a three-and-a-half to four-week return date before you’d ever get back to games.”
While it’s unclear how much time will elapse before play resumes in the 2019-20 NBA season, if it does at all, there are concerns among the league’s general managers and athletic training staffers that games might begin again before players are physically ready. “If you tell us two weeks in advance, and all we have is a two-week training camp to [get] guys back to work that have been out of work eight weeks, that’s a mess,” one NBA general manager said.
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“You’ve got some players that are privileged enough to be isolating in their luxury mansions with full gyms and [who] practically built their own Olympic training centers,” an Eastern Conference NBA athletic training official said. “And you’ve got some people that are isolating in their 1,200-square-foot apartment or at their parents’ house. That’s the range of the 450-some-odd players in the NBA. I think that to make those determinations, you can’t make a determination on the guy that lives at his own private Olympic training center. You have to make the determination at the lowest common denominator.”
Darren Heitner: NBA players union @TheNBPA is launching an Accelerator Program for current/former players. Select player-led companies will be involved in 3-day “Training Camp” in June that culminates in “Investor Day” to pitch to investors. Companies must have Series A or below funding status.

Steve Kerr: “So, it was sort of comical for me to hear people preseason talking about our team as a contender, because we weren’t anything close to a contender. “I think it took Steph’s injury for people to realize how much we lost. But it was sort of mind boggling anyone could expect us to lose that kind of fire power and wherewithal, and knowledge and wisdom, and talent, and then everyone just expect ‘Oh, they’re the Warriors, they’re just going to be good.’ I could feel it in training camp.”