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This past offseason’s moves were key to their possible pursuit of trading for a superstar at some point because they have the veteran contracts for salary-matching purposes, the young talent who have yet to reach their potential and all of their future first-round picks. A big, inevitable trade depends on Ressler’s patience in accelerating the path to a championship. I’ve been told by numerous people inside the organization that the plan general manager Travis Schlenk laid out at the beginning of his tenure has been followed almost perfectly without straying from his plan. That plan has been approved by Ressler, and they are in tandem in keeping on that path. Ressler knows the process to get a championship roster doesn’t happen overnight.
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Hawks owner would like to see John Collins extension

Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk has stated publicly that he hopes the team and Collins can agree to a contract, and talks are still ongoing. There’s no change to how both parties feel about the situation — both want to get something done. But there’s no incentive on the Hawks’ side to commit a year early when they can just go into the season and see how Collins performs with better talent around him and reassess this offseason when he’ll enter restricted free agency. Collins does have one major supporter in the organization who also publicly has stated his desires on what he would like to happen.
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