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Then bonuses received by European players such as living quarters, car and/or driver, maids, expenses/utilities paid by the club, etc., may be added. These perks vary from club to club, but we can figure in that amount in addition to salary because NBA teams do not pay for such amenities. The 2.0 multiplier is actually in most cases a conservative estimate as in most cases, it is actually even higher than double in terms of difference between gross and net income. Using these bonuses from particular clubs, applying multipliers, and rounding the figures (as is customary among NBA agents), we get the following as the top 10 NBA salary equivalents in European pro club basketball. 1. Deron Williams – $10.3 million per season NBA salary equivalent. 2. Mehmet Okur – $10 million. 3 (tie). Nenad Krstic – $8.9 million. 3 (tie). Rudy Fernandez – $8.9 million.
Okur, 32, played in just 13 games last season for Utah while recovering from left Achilles tendon surgery. He also dealt with a variety of other injuries, including back pain and a sprained right ankle. The nine-year veteran averaged only 4.9 points, 2.3 rebounds and 12.9 minutes while sitting out the final 33 games of the year. “He didn’t want to take the chance of the lockout going a long time into the season and he would’ve not played,” Fleisher said. He added: “This allows him to play right away and get his game back to where he wants it to be. Should the lockout end, he’ll be in a better position than many other players.”