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TV Ratings Rumors

By the numbers: The hearing last week nearly doubled the TV audience of the first three games of the ongoing NBA Finals, which averaged nearly 12 million viewers on ABC, per Nielsen. Major Trump-era hearings also drew high engagement compared to other national TV events. The final games of the 2021 World Series and the NBA finals drew 11.7 million and 9.91 million viewers, respectively, while the Brett Kavanaugh and James Comey hearings drew around 20 million viewers each.
The NBA boasts other significant numbers in other media resources. NBA League Pass subscribers increased by 30% from last season. Social media platforms garnered 13 billion video plays — a 7% increase from 2020-21. Rating should jump during the play-in tournament (Apr. 12-15). Last year, the Lakers-Warriors play-in generated the most viewers (5.6M) for an ESPN NBA telecast since the 2019 Western Conference Finals.