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Williams tried to applaud the Celtics for their hire of Ime Udoka as their new head coach. However, he called Udoka the “first head coach of color” hired by the team. Williams was wrong. The Celtics were actually the first North American professional sports team with a black head coach — Bill Russell in 1966. K.C. Jones also coached the team. And it was just over a decade ago that Doc Rivers coached the team to a championship. Williams later claimed on Twitter that he had been hacked.
The Stephen A. Smith Burner account disappeared from Twitter on April 23. Sports Twitter hasn’t quite been the same since. The creator of the parody Twitter account that had more than 550,000 followers told Front Office Sports that he has “some hope” that the account could return from suspension. The account ran afoul of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for the use of music in tweets that mocked ESPN’s highest-paid employee.
“Well, it’s a blow because I only ever used my platform to put smiles on people’s faces,” the person behind @sasburneracct told Front Office Sports. “Getting that stripped for old irrelevant [music] edits [in Tweets] that a bot picked up stings, but it’s a good reminder that in a blink of an eye circumstances can change. And I do have some hope.” Citing company policy, a Twitter spokesperson said the social media platform doesn’t comment on individual accounts. But @sasburneracct was the target of 54 DMCA takedown requests, according to Lumen, a database that tracks cease and desist demands.

Steve Kerr addresses Twitter hiatus

Kerr began his hiatus from Twitter in April. It means he is cut off from his primary news source, and is behind on current events. You know Kerr is big into politics, domestic and global. “Part of me was kind of like, ‘Man, I need to know what’s going on,’” Kerr said. “And then part of me was like, ‘F— that, the world sucks right now.’ It’s awesome not knowing.”
Warriors fans on Twitter, Kerr’s preferred medium, have been especially critical of him this season. On multiple occasions, Kerr has fed the beast. “When I made my now infamous statement,” Kerr said, “everyone remembered the ‘chasing wins’ part. They didn’t remember the first part of the sentence, which was that we’re not going to run Steph for 40-plus minutes every night to chase wins. The mistake I made was saying chase wins. The key to the statement was, ‘We’re not going to play Steph 40-plus minutes.’”
They found that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is the most-trolled NBA player on Twitter. Of all the tweets sent to Curry, 27.9% had a negative tone, which was the highest percentage of any player. Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook received the second-most negative tweets, with 24.6% of his mentions categorized as negative.