Twitter Rumors

They found that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is the most-trolled NBA player on Twitter. Of all the tweets sent to Curry, 27.9% had a negative tone, which was the highest percentage of any player. Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook received the second-most negative tweets, with 24.6% of his mentions categorized as negative.
It’s a stubbornly, irrationally hopeful Twitter tribe—but also an acerbic, funny, fatalistic, self-aware and self-deprecating one. There is nothing else quite like it. “The baseline emotion for Knicks Twitter is cynicism,” says Desus Nice, the Bronx-born comedian and co-star of Showtime’s Desus & Mero. “Because it’s like, yo, we know, we understand what the Knicks are. We know, but we are ever-optimistic. “Knicks Twitter is kind of like a digital fever dream, where it’s like, The Knicks are great! It’s like a cult. And we all enable each other to believe that the Knicks are the best team in the NBA.”
There is considerable pride in that team heritage, but pain in the present, which helps explain how that Knicks joke ended up in Soul. Kemp Powers, who wrote and directed the animated film, released in December, is a Brooklyn-raised Knicks fan who was born in 1973, the same year as his team’s last title. “I’ve literally got to live in a world, my entire life, in which the Knicks have never been champions,” says Kemp, who now lives in Los Angeles, surrounded by preening Lakers fans. “The Ewing years were great for me. Enjoyed the Pat Riley era. Enjoyed Allan Houston’s shot to knock the Heat out [in 1999]. But for the past 20 years, it has been an embarrassing team to be devoted to.”
What’s the response you get from Jazz fans now on Twitter? Vernon Maxwell: Death threats, all that s—. They want to kill me. I can’t come to Utah. They hate me. I don’t hate nobody I don’t know. I’ve gotta know you to hate you, because you must’ve done something to me to hate you. It’s hard for me to have hate in my heart, but that’s the way they feel and that’s fine with me. I don’t have a problem. If they do come at me, when they come they better come for real. S—, they’ll print this s— back up and I can get back to being Mad Max again. I’m Glad Max now.