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Tyler Harris Rumors

Harris, a Long Island native, was fortunate enough to see Jordan play at Madison Square Garden when he was a kid alongside his father, longtime NBA agent Torrel Harris — founder and CEO of Unique Sports Management — and his older brother, Tyler Harris. It proved to be a memorable evening. “We kept asking my dad if we could meet him after the game and he was just telling us maybe,” Tobias recalled. “But it ended up happening and it was unbelievable. As we were walking away I realized I didn’t get him to sign my card. So my dad had to pull him back and get him to sign our cards. Tyler and I were so excited on the train ride back. I kept thinking my dad was so cool because he knows Michael Jordan. I ended up losing the card on the way back, but it didn’t matter because I had gotten to meet him. It was an unforgettable experience.”
“It was great, but Tyler’s a pro, he’s an NBA pro,” Torrel said of Tyler’s new position during our interview. “It’s just one step so he can prove himself in the G League and God willing hopefully be in the pros. I’ve seen him work out all summer, hard as he works out with Tobias, and all the different kids, [San Antonio Spurs player] Danny Green and everybody, and he dominates. He just got to go to the G League, show everybody how good he is, and then the next step is the NBA. I’m 100% confident that he’ll be in the NBA.”