Tyrese Haliburton Rumors

Anyone who read what Tyrese Haliburton wrote for his social media feed after the George Floyd killing saw an intelligent, thoughtful person. Teams that have done their background research have come away thinking similarly. Particularly, they point to his maturity and emotional intelligence. Sources have said that Haliburton will be able to adjust to just about any situation he’s put in early in his career, and will find success. Consistently, he’s come up as being one of the most impressive human beings in this class. This played a role in his move up to No. 5 on my board. More than that, though, the more tape I watch on Haliburton, the more I see pretty substantial upside if he’s able to fill out his frame with 20-25 more pounds throughout his career. I feel confident he’s going to be effective quickly in the NBA because of his diversity of skill-set as a potential secondary ballhandler. But there is some upside for more.
NBA scout: The player Casey would fall in love with? Yeah. NBA scout: Haliburton, for sure. I think he just plays the game the right way. He can play on and off the ball, can make a shot, and he can really pass. Defensively, he’s versatile. He’s a great kid. Anything you hear out of Iowa State is glowing about him. He wasn’t even a ranked guy coming out of Wisconsin, and then he just blew up as a freshman and became a lottery pick as a sophomore.
Avdija ranks somewhere behind Edwards, Wiseman and Ball, mixed in with Obi Toppin, Isaac Okoro, Killian Hayes, Tyrese Haliburton and possibly Onyeka Okongwu. Still, according to a source, this draft is “all over the place” and teams are using this extra time to dig even more into one of the most uncertain classes since 2013.
The Knicks, who The Post reported in February were seeking a scoring point guard in the draft, currently sit sixth in the lottery standings. “I think the Knicks are on the right track if they take him at 6,’’ one NBA executive said. The Post’s latest mock draft has Haliburton going to the Knicks with the sixth pick, and LaMelo Ball heading to the Warriors with the No. 1 pick.
Tyrese Haliburton, PG, Iowa State (6-5, 175, 20): If the Warriors pick in the top-5, they’ll draft the best prospect available — not the player who fills a positional need. That means that even though Golden State already has Curry at point guard, it would be open to adding someone who could potentially take over for him someday. According to a league source, the Warriors are believed to be higher on Haliburton than Ball. There might not be a player in this draft with a better feel for the game than Haliburton, who, in addition to averaging 6.5 assists this season, shot 50.4% from the field (41.9% from 3-point range).
After his sophomore season at Iowa State, Tyrese Haliburton is now projected to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. This, even after his season ended with a broken wrist before Coronavirus concerns even entered the picture. “You know I put in a lot of work to get here,” Haliburton said. “It doesn’t necessarily come to a big surprise to me because of all the work I have put in throughout my life and this is what I have wanted to do my whole life.” But will he go pro? “I mean it is still a conversation with my family,” Haliburton.
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