Tyronn Lue Rumors

Tyronn Lue: “I think when LeBron came back [from Miami] and we traded for Kevin Love, we didn’t have any draft picks — all veteran guys who could play now and understand how to play and how to win and what it took. Now, having made the trades we made during the season and acquiring some young talent through the draft, it will be a different challenge for us. I’m already excited about it.”
“We want to continue to be exciting, continue to be competitive for our fan base,” Lue said. “But it’s hard to replace LeBron James. Don’t say we’re going to replace LeBron. He’s an irreplaceable player. It’s not replacing LeBron James, the best player in the game for so long, and he’s meant so much to the franchise and every franchise he’s played for — Miami, Cleveland, the city of Cleveland, his family, his friends, coaches, players. Everybody he’s been around he’s made better and you can’t replace that. So we’ve got to understand that and continue to keep growing and working collectively and be the best we can be.”
“We used to get killed,” Brown told The Athletic this week at the NBA’s Summer League. “Everybody used to say, ‘You have no control over your team, they’re dancing. LeBron controls the team, he wants to dance.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Are you kidding me?’ But that’s what comes along with coaching LeBron.” “If he happens to wear a different shoestring, it’s, ‘What’s wrong with Bron?’” Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue said while the Cavaliers summer team played the Pacers on Monday. “If he happens to wear a different wristband, ‘What’s wrong with Bron?’ It’s always a story.”
Lue — the fifth head coach of James’ 15-year career — picked up the phone to talk to Walton, who is set to become James’ sixth head coach, following Paul Silas and Mike Brown in his first stint in Cleveland, Erik Spoelstra in Miami and David Blatt and Lue in the second stint in Cleveland. “He told me, ‘I have my pen and paper out already. Let’s hear it,'” Lue told ESPN of his initial talk with Walton.
2 months ago via ESPN
“My thing, I just want to let him know, the s— that people say and you read, Bron’s not like that,” Lue said. “Like, they make it seem like he’s hard on the coach, he’s hard on [the organization]. He’s nothing like that. That’s the most important thing I want to convey with him: that he’s not like that. “My biggest thing is the zoo comes from just the outside media. It’s really not coming from within because everybody he deals with — Maverick [Carter], Randy [Mims], all those guys — are professional. So it won’t be no problem from any of those guys, and Bron carries himself the right way. So the biggest part is just having to deal with the media scrutiny. But he’s not like that. I don’t want people thinking Bron’s an a–h— or Bron’s this and that because he’s not.”
2 months ago via ESPN