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Tyus Battle Rumors

I would love to hear about how you have spent your time since finishing up at Syracuse. Tyus Battle: The offseason has been great so far! I’ve been working out in Los Angeles in the Calabasas area. I’ve been focusing on my jump shot and on my flexibility and getting to the basket, finishing at the rim, and my midrange game too. Last year, you tested the NBA draft waters a little bit. How did that help you with your second go-around this time? TB: Last season, it was a little bit different because I still had the option of going back to school. I wanted to get my degree. But this year, I don’t have that same worry and I can completely focus on the NBA. I wanted to get one thing done before moving on to the next chapter of my life last year.
How big of a role did coach Jim Boeheim play in your decision to go to Syracuse and how did he help you get to this next level? TB: That played a humungous role in my decision. Everyone knows he has a ton of basketball knowledge, coaching for over 40 years. He taught me so much not only as a basketball player but as a young man – the importance of working hard, being resilient, working your way up through life and taking responsibility. I think my time at Syracuse really helped me grow as a man.
The following is a list of scheduled attendees for the 14th Sacramento Kings Pre-Draft workout, which will take place at the Kings Practice Facility on Wednesday, June 12. Josh Reaves (G – 6’5” 204 lbs.) Penn State Cody Martin (G – 6’6” 192 lbs.) Nevada Skyler Flatten (G – 6’6” 210 lbs.) South Dakota State Tyus Battle (G – 6’7” 204 lbs.) Syracuse Isaiah Pineiro (F – 6’6” 221 lbs.) San Diego Cam Jackson (F – 6’9” 256 lbs.) Wofford