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Ukraine Rumors

Stanyslav Medvedenko is running for the Kyiv city council in Oct. 25 local elections. He runs with Voice, a liberal opposition party that holds 19 seats in parliament and is likely to win only a small representation in the city council. Medvedenko is unbothered: He believes that he and the party he represents can make a difference. “I’m a team player,” Medvedenko told the Kyiv Post. “One person can’t break through the current system. We need a group of people in the Kyiv council to achieve success.”
The retired baller is the face of a small non-profit organization Mykilska-Slobidka which represents the residents of the Kyiv neighborhood of the same name in the left-bank part of the city. Medvedenko has been living in the neighborhood for nearly 15 years, ever since he returned to Ukraine after quitting professional basketball. The non-profit is entrenched in multiple legal battles against construction moguls who are building housing in the neighborhood and violating the law and city-building norms in the process, according to the activists.