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Devin Booker wants to bring Christmas jerseys back

Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker has a wish for his future NBA Christmas lists. “I miss the jerseys,” he said. “I wish they’d still switch to the Christmas jerseys.” The NBA had custom Christmas jerseys from 2012 to 2016 that had everything from first names on the back of the jerseys, cream colored script fonts to outlined letters and numbers.
Then there were the sleeved ones with the logo on the front and number on the sleeve in 2013. “I didn’t like the sleeves,” Booker said. “I wasn’t a fan of the sleeves.” Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams was. “I always thought those jerseys should have never went away cause I thought those looked cool,” he said. “I thought they were. People always say you’d rip them. I didn’t have to wear them, but I enjoyed them as a fan.”
Miami Heat veteran forward Udonis Haslem wore them. Not a fan. “I always played without sleeves,” he said. “When you grow up in the hood, no shirt on. Shirts and skins. I couldn’t get with that, and I couldn’t get with those new basketballs. Remember when they tried to bring out those new basketballs. Everybody in the league hated them. Those are two things that the league tried, and I was like, nah, hell no.”
Those who run the Utah Jazz have heard your complaints about the team’s new uniforms — and they’re asking for you to help to make them better. On this six-game homestand — with a particular focus on this weekend — a team of pollsters working for Qualtrics will ask fans for their feedback on a slew of new possible jersey designs for the team moving forward, beginning in the 2024-25 season.