Vernon Maxwell Rumors

GQ: What did you make of the Rockets losing as badly as they did to the Lakers? Vernon Maxwell: I mean, I wasn’t surprised. They were overmatched against the Lakers. And then playing that small ball, I just don’t understand that. You’ve gotta have a big. Your tallest guy on the court can’t be 6’7”. That’s just not gonna work against AD and LeBron. All they were doing was playing bully ball. I said it before the series started, I felt like the Lakers were gonna win that series in the fashion that they did. I pretty much knew that.
Vernon Maxwell: But as far as playing nowadays, I feel like I’d have a field day, because, s—, you can’t touch nobody no more. I’d stay on the free throw line. Back when I played, we used to hand-check, and now it’s just, every time I turn around, they turn their hand in the air. I don’t know what the hell that means. I guess, “Let’s take a review and look at this s—.” And they look at every goddamn play. I get so tired of that. When they turn their hand in the air: “Look at it, look at it!” The game has changed so much, but I feel like I’d be an All-Star if I played in these times.
Mike D’Antoni is out as head coach of the Rockets. You’ve been petitioning for your former teammate Sam Cassell to replace him. What about Cassell makes you think he’s the best option? Vernon Maxwell: I just feel like it’s his time. He’s been on the bench as an assistant coach for 15 years [Cassell started coaching in 2009]. I get tired of these owners and general managers, they just recycle all these goddamn coaches. You’ve gotta try something new. You’ve gotta give them a chance to see what they can do, and I don’t think that’s fair to guys like Sam. They need to give him a chance and a legit shot. Let him bring in his people that he wants and I think he’ll do fine. He’s ready now.
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What’s the response you get from Jazz fans now on Twitter? Vernon Maxwell: Death threats, all that s—. They want to kill me. I can’t come to Utah. They hate me. I don’t hate nobody I don’t know. I’ve gotta know you to hate you, because you must’ve done something to me to hate you. It’s hard for me to have hate in my heart, but that’s the way they feel and that’s fine with me. I don’t have a problem. If they do come at me, when they come they better come for real. S—, they’ll print this s— back up and I can get back to being Mad Max again. I’m Glad Max now.
What’s the reaction you get in real life? Vernon Maxwell: People love my twitter account: ‘It’s hilarious, man. Keep doing what you’re doing.’ Everybody loves what I do except Utah and probably Oklahoma City now. When I go back to Houston everybody is cool with it. No complaints. [Houston Rockets] President, Tad [Brown] is not saying ‘Max you’ve gotta cool down with your tweets.’ It’s more, ‘man we love your Twitter page.’ So nobody’s ever said anything to me about it. I just do what I do. I don’t have anything else to do.
Truth be told, Bryant played extremely well against Stackhouse, as well as solid NBAers like Vernon Maxwell, Richard Dumas and Sharone Wright. He wasn’t the most polished player on the court, or even the 10th most polished on the court. He was undisciplined, sloppy, erratic. He took shots one shouldn’t take and committed turnovers that, were this a regular game, would land him on the bench. But he was absolutely fearless – and that stuck. John Nash, general manager of the Washington Bullets, caught up with John Lucas, the 76ers coach. “How’s Stack doing in your workouts?” Nash asked.“Fine,” Lucas said, “but he’s the second-best two-guard in the gym.” Nash made a mental list of the Sixers’ shooting guards. It wasn’t a particularly impressive collection. “John,” he finally said, “who’s the best two-guard?” “Kobe,” Lucas replied.
Brooks also recalled a story from those years involving Jordan and his Rockets teammate Vernon Maxwell talking trash to each other. “I remember one time they were just going at each other, going at it. You could tell it was getting a little dicey. It was like ‘okay, this might be a fight, actually.’ They got nose to nose one time,” Brooks said. “[Maxwell] said ‘man, I don’t care how many blank-blank commercials you’re in, I don’t care how many Nike commercials, I don’t care how many McDonald’s commercials; I will blank-blank your butt. I’m not intimidated by all the commercials.’ I’m looking at him like ‘gosh darn, Vernon, you know you’re talking to Jordan, right?’ He wasn’t afraid.”