Victor Page Rumors

When leaving Georgetown for the NBA after two seasons didn’t work out, Page played 157 games for the Continental Basketball Association’s Sioux Falls Skyforce through 2002 and, once, chased an opponent around the court with a broom. Mustaf talked about his friend’s difficulties finding steady work. One address listed for Page in a 2012 court proceeding is an empty lot next to a meat processing plant in Maryland. “I thought he’d be better served as a teacher to other kids, a guy who had so much going for him but mistakes led him to this,” Mustaf said. “He could offer them some sort of advice on how to avoid those pitfalls. … You’re a legend who had everything. Going to Georgetown. Wanting to play in the NBA. But poor decisions led me to this type of lifestyle.” They last spoke several months ago. Mustaf had no idea Page was jailed. “Sentenced to what?” Mustaf said. “Get out of here.”
Over the last three and a half years, Page has been charged with 33 crimes in Maryland and the District. He’s been found guilty of (or pleaded guilty to) six of them, including two second-degree assaults, a fourth-degree sexual offense, unlawful entry, fourth-degree burglary and possession of marijuana. He’s violated probation repeatedly, had a $100,000 bond revoked and was ordered to a drug treatment program. Under the fluorescent light, Page clung to faded glory. I asked what the ‘agent’ does for for a man who is told when to wake, shower, eat and sleep. “He’s my agent.” “We don’t pay for stories,” I said. “I can’t do it.” “Well, how are you doing?” “I can’t do it.” “You can’t do it?” “There’s no sense in even trying to talk.”
Also criminal? Victor Page. The guy’s had a tough life – he had cocaine charges and gun charges as a senior in high school – and recently was arrested for 4th degree burglary. This horrendous mugshot is making the rounds. Why is Page wearing an eye patch? He was shot in the eye while sitting in his car in DC two days before Thanksgiving in 2003. Where did it all go wrong for the former Big East star? This fantastic NY Times story from 2006 says it all: