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Virtus Bologna Rumors

If Scariolo could bring somebody from his EuroBasket 2022 winning roster, considering how Virtus Bologna looks like this year, he wouldn’t have doubts. “Taking into account the needs and characteristics of our club, perhaps Juancho Hernangomez would be the icing on the cake, the perfect fit”, he said. “Emotionally and technically, any of those players, knowing their ability to make something positive, even if not necessarily all with a lot of talent, I know that they could enter with productivity in a team like ours. But speaking of any need to the role, surely it would be Juancho”, he added about the rest of the current Spanish roster.

NBA teams still monitoring Nico Mannion

Still, NBA personnel have been keeping their eye on Mannion and there is a strong chance he could wind up back in the league in the coming year—if not during the season, then perhaps next summer. “He looked better playing in Italy than his numbers showed. There were some good reports on him. He will get another chance in the league but it is not going to be with Golden State, or it’s unlikely that happens soon,” one NBA GM told Heavy Sports.
What’s next for Warriors restricted free agent Nico Mannion, the point guard who played at Arizona, was drafted by Golden State in the second round of the 2020 NBA draft and signed on to play in Italy last year? A report in BasketNews on Tuesday suggested that Mannion would be looking to sign an extension with his current team, Virtus Bologna, through 2025, but a source with knowledge of the situation tells Heavy Sports that is not happening. “Not looking at an extension for Nico at this time,” the source said.