Wally Walker Rumors

Former Seattle Supersonics player, general manager, and potential investor Wally Walker appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch this morning and the subjects of Adam Silver, the NBA and its return to Seattle were raised. On Adam Silver, Walker had this to say; “From talking to a lot of the owners last spring, he’s very well respected by them and I know from knowing a lot of people still in Olympic Tower in Manhattan, he’s very well liked and respected by those folks. He’s got a running start, the league’s very healthy, it’ll be a great tenure for him.” When asked about how the NBA will be different under Silver and what it means for Seattle’s hopes of getting a franchise back, here was Walker’s response; “I hope it’s different in that Seattle gets a team. If rational thought prevails, it’s the best available market, both demographics, size and passion. For 41 years, the Sonics were there with a great following. So I hope that is a change and if all’s right, it will be.”