Walt Frazier Rumors

What has changed most in the NBA since those days? Walt Frazier: The three ball, man. The three ball has changed the game. When we played it was more pick-and-roll, half court. The Celtics were the only team that ran all the time. Everyone else was more [into] exploiting mismatches. You get a guy, you go post him on the low post. Pick-and-rolls, back-door plays. The basics of the game. The physicality — you could hand check. Very physical defense.
6 months ago via ESPN
Game 1 of the NBA Finals means another round of NBA Mean Tweets, and the 2017 edition of the segment did not disappoint. Active players DeAndre Jordan, Paul George, James Harden and legends like Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Walt Frazier were just a few of the members from the NBA community to read insulting tweets out loud in this year’s production.