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Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr tacitly compared Duke freshman Zion Williamson to Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James on Wednesday — then jokingly asked commissioner Adam Silver not to fine him for his comments. In response to a question about Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kerr instead went out of his way to heap praise on another athletically-gifted player — Williamson — without mentioning him by name. “No, but I saw some kid on Duke last night who is pretty impressive,” Kerr told reporters. “My goodness.”
“I thought LeBron, I thought that was a one-shot deal, but apparently the next guy’s coming,” Kerr continued. “And before I get fined, I’m going to change the subject.” He later added: “Adam, please don’t fine me. Wherever you are. I didn’t mean it.”