Washington Rumors

The video may have only been 54 seconds long, but a lot happened in it. First, there’s Wall, saying that he’s going to give us “the very first exclusive look” of his JWall 2’s, the second edition of his signature shoe. Next, the All-Star pans to his left hand, where he’s holding a pristine white sneaker, and gives a couple of prolonged “Oooh’s” as he presents the shoe to the world’s eye for the first time. Wall then says the JWall 2’s don’t officially drop until the fall, but this is where the surprise comes in. “I’m gonna sign and hide this pair somewhere,” he says. “I’ll let you know on Twitter where I drop ’em at. Peace out, now ya’ll go find it.”
Gilbert Arenas was among the most vocal of Wizards fans during the 2014 playoffs, because he so dearly values his time in Washington. “I lived in Washington longer than I have lived anywhere else, so it’s considered home, even though I moved back to California,” Arenas said last spring. “When you grow up as a kid and as an adult — from 21 to 29 I lived in D.C. — I mean, it’s my home team. Right now I’m a fan. When you’re a fan, that’s your team. That’s us. We lose, we lost, we won. Just like any other fan.”
After a small Internet furor developed over his claim to be D.C.’s best basketball product since Len Bias, Steve Francis was offered a chance to back off last week. He declined. “That’s a true statement,” Francis said on ESPN 980’s John Thompson Show. “I mean, the numbers don’t lie. I’m not trying to degrade those young guys, but as you know, a lot of work has to be put in for a person to be able to have that statement come out of their mouths. And I think at the time that I was interviewed, that’s how I was feeling at the time.”