Will Smith Rumors

In even better news, Marjanovic was apparently allowed to bring someone to the premiere, and because things are occasionally good in 2019, he decided to bring Philly teammate Tobias Harris. Bobi and Tobi, of course, are tight, and are two of the closest friends in the league. It only made sense that they’d attend this together, especially because it’s not the first time they’ve bonded over film — the pair visited the set of Bad Boys For Life in Miami and hung out with Will Smith last month. Oh, and as it turns out, they weren’t the only basketball players to attend the premiere, as JaVale McGee also made a cameo.
LeBron James: Man I’ve loved these 2 forever man and they don’t even know it! From wanting to be The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air growing up in Akron Ohio to crying laughing that same night at Half Baked to wishing I could help saved the world like Independence Day to being on a stage captivating people minds and tapping into their funny bones like The Chapelle Show. I’ve always wanted in some way shape or form make y’all proud of what I could bring to the table. So with that said THANKS for just being DOPE/TRUE and Inspiring a kid from Akron to do the same🙏🏾!! #SuperHeroes #KingTalk👑

Will Smith is set to produce a movie about Michael Jordan’s short-lived baseball career. In The Prospect, written by Ben Epstein, Michael Jordan uses a year as a baseball prospect to find himself after his father’s death. James R. Jordan Sr. was murdered by two men on the side of the highway in July 1993. In February 1994, four months after the first of his three retirements from the NBA, Michael Jordan signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox.
Will Smith was a guest on Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and spoke briefly about his friendship with Michael Jordan, who, along with Tiger Woods, he considers the most competitive person on the planet. According to Smith, Jordan will turn even the most mundane of activities into a competition. “I love being around people with that kind of competitive energy, but like, Mike will compete with anything, though,” Smith said. “If we’re drinking water, Mike be: ‘I’ll race you!'”
James Corden’s always-entertaining “Carpool Karaoke” segment is becoming its own series on Apple Music, and among the celebrities participating is none other than LeBron James. In a clip previewing Will Smith rapping some of his greatest hits with Corden, we got to see a peek at the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar getting down to Michael Sembello’s Maniac, made famous by the movie Flashdance:
Blink and you might miss James. The Cavaliers superstar appears briefly, first showing off his karate skills to Corden and then letting loose to an unknown song while sitting in a car. The show was taped in the spring while the Cavaliers were in Los Angeles. A bit was also taped at Staples Center prior to the game against the Clippers. The 16-episode season of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” is set to premiere on Apple Music August 8 at 9 p.m. with Corden and Will Smith gettin’ jiggy wit it. From there, two new episodes will arrive every Tuesday, but it’s not certain yet exactly when the episode featuring James will drop.
The Sixers didn’t know that actor Will Smith, a Philadelphia native and part owner of the team, was going to address the players at a dinner in Center City on Monday night until he walked into the room. Noel admitted he was starstruck. “Man, that’s one of my idols,” Noel said. Noel said Smith gave the players advice about dealing with the media, handling their day-to-day duties and discussed the favorite and least-favorite movies in which he’s starred.