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Will Smith Rumors

Dave McMenamin: The Lakers had Will Smith as their most recent guest for their Genius Series, the team revealed on their social media platforms. Much respect for whomever was responsible for the attention to detail in the personalized jersey that the team presented him.

“She voiced that she struggled with [Alopecia], and Chris Rock thought it was cool to crack a joke,” Villanueva said. “We are not with Jada everyday to know the level of the struggle, but Will does. As I don’t condone violence, Im proud that Will Smith stood up for his wife.” Villanueva added, “As a fellow Alopecians, I stand with Will and Jada.”
“Yo, dude,” someone said to DJ Jazzy Jeff, gesturing toward the television. “You’re a character in the game.” The DJ born Jeffrey Allen Townes was hanging out with friends when a group had fired up a game of NBA Jam and entered his code. In the 90s, Townes and Will Smith were hip-hop musicians as well as stars of a popular sitcom, plus they worked with the NBA on its “Stay in School” campaign, so they made an excellent fit for the game. It’s likely that Smith played as himself in NBA Jam, according to Townes, though he typically didn’t have the patience for video games.
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