William McCandless Rumors

McCandless said White will field NBA offers this offseason. The 30-year-old is still valued for his versatile defense and transition game. He earned the nickname “Flight” years ago for his Olympic-caliber jumping ability. “He’s going to have NBA interest, for sure. I know that,” McCandless said. “More teams like him today than liked him this time last year. More teams feel like he can help.”
However, McCandless said White won’t hesitate to return overseas, where he spent five years (2007-12) before signing with the Knicks for the veteran’s minimum of $854,389. White also has a strong allegiance of fans in Europe. McCandless said if White wants to make the most money, he’ll continue on his previous international path, which could take him to China. Contracts in China, where White could land, are typically higher than European contracts by the month because the season is shorter.