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Given Payne’s salary at Kentucky, it’s safe to assume that the Knicks would have to make a generous offer procure the coach. Would that set the market internally for what they’d have to pay other Thibodeau assistants? That’s unclear, but something worth keeping in mind as the Knicks put a staff together. Payne, as previously noted, has a close relationship with top Knicks executive William Wesley and has other ties to the Knicks organization. He has been known to coach big men at Kentucky, including Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns. “KP is one of the best development coaches in the world,” Towns told The Athletic last year. “KP is the horse beneath the jockey driving Kentucky basketball.”
Knicks president Leon Rose and agent Spencer Breecker of CAA Sports were working Saturday to complete contractual terms and a signed agreement is expected in the near future, sources said. Rose and executive VP William Wesley are completing a two-month search process with the candidate, Thibodeau, long expected to emerge with the job. Together, they’ll be tasked with the daunting challenge of restoring a forlorn franchise to NBA relevance.
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The Post reported earlier this week Thibodeau, while close to Leon Rose, is not as tight with new senior vice president William Wesley as in years past. Wesley may have as much, if not more influence than Rose. “Over recent years they really haven’t had much connection,” one NBA source said. Meanwhile, it’s known that Thibodeau, the former Bulls and Timberwolves coach, is intrigued by the Rockets job if it opens after Houston is eliminated, and he could have been given an assurance there. Thibodeau is still getting paid by Minnesota next season.
The Knicks made sweeping changes to their front office this year, in hopes of reversing a two-decade trend of ineptitude. They hired power agent Leon Rose from Creative Artists Agency to become team president. Rose in turn hired William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley, a noted power broker and player confidante, as a top assistant, along with respected front-office veterans Walt Perrin, Brock Aller and Frank Zanin. But their task likely just got tougher, especially when it comes to wooing marquee players. “I think it’s a big black eye on the Knicks as an organization,” said an agent whose firm represents multiple stars, referring to the club’s silence. The agent, who is Black, added, “It will continue to be something that players look down upon, and it further explains why guys like Kevin Durant [passed on the Knicks]. You got all the resources and all the richness of the NBA, and still people don’t want to associate themselves with it.”
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Woodson, 62, the former Knicks head coach, is among several candidates who’ve met with team brass via video conference. Woodson, like frontrunner Tom Thibodeau, has a connection to team president Leon Rose and top Knicks executive William Wesley because they represented him at CAA as agents. It’s possible that Woodson, who owns the highest winning percentage of a Knicks coach since Jeff Van Gundy, is hired as an assistant if he’s bypassed for the top job.
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Last week’s Knicks press release quoted new executive VP William Wesley on his “long history with and respect for Jim Dolan.’’ Sources confirm Wesley has been in the Knicks owner’s ear for 15 years, working behind the scenes. As is his custom. A Knicks coach from the Glen Grunwald era verified the influence of “World Wide Wes.” “When we were there, I was told he listened to ‘World Wide Wes’ more than he did Grunwald,” the coach told The Post.
Anthony was represented by Creative Artists Agency, and Mills was reputed to have close ties to CAA. (Wesley, according to a source, served as a chief confidant of Anthony’s during his Knicks stint.) Now CAA is officially running the Knicks with the Leon Rose-Wesley tandem. After Rose agreed to terms in February, The Post quoted a source, stating, “MSG and CAA have been in bed for years. This shouldn’t be surprising.’’

Knicks interested in Devin Booker?

However, since Leon Rose was hired as president, the player to watch out for most is Suns combo guard Devin Booker, according to league sources. If Rose hires Tom Thibodeau, Towns — a former Rose client — no longer makes sense because of their history. Booker and Towns were Rose clients who played at Kentucky, which means Knicks adviser William Wesley is close to each. Rose has done well with Kentucky standouts because of Wesley.
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Booker, 23, made his first All-Star Game in February. Recent rumblings are Booker could get tired of the perennial losing in Phoenix, which is run by a spendthrift owner in Robert Sarver. “I think he’ll do unbelievable,’’ Booker said of Rose. “One of the most genuine guys I know. One of the most honest guys I know. So I’m happy for him in his new position. I think the Knicks are in really good hands.’’ Last week, Rose said he’s prepared to beef up the offensively challenged Knicks through “the draft, trades and free agency.’’
Two former Knicks blasted the new front office, with Rasheed Wallace calling the hirings of Leon Rose and William Wesley “a brain fart” by the organization and Stephon Marbury labeling Wesley, in particular, a “world wide sucker.” Marbury didn’t get into specifics during his social media rant, but Wallace said the executives carry baggage into their new jobs because of their dealings as agents and won’t have the respect of players because they lack a basketball background.
William Wesley—gatekeeper to many a big name—was a great person for Simmons to know. Simmons realized the importance of Wesley at some point and made sure to get close. Somehow Simmons got the impression Wesley never talked to any reporters except Simmons, which was hilarious. Wesley’s contacts include a hundred or a thousand journalists—many of them have told me about their nights gambling with him or the time he was on their radio show in Louisville or whatever. On the floor after some Finals game, as Jade Hoye and I were setting up for TrueHoop TV, Wesley and I small-talked a bit. Then Simmons appeared. He put his face right in mine and told his big dumb secret: Wesley didn’t talk to any journalists except Bill … and me. This was just silly. I met Wesley’s eye, he grinned.
The Knicks’ hiring of “World Wide Wes,” aka William Wesley, was universally praised on Wednesday as a forward-thinking addition by new team president Leon Rose. One former Knick, however, is against it. Stephon Marbury blasted the move, calling Wesley “world wide sucker,” in a video he posted on Instagram and wrote on Twitter that Wesley is a “kiss a–.”
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Stephon Marbury: “C’mon man, c’mon. At New York Knicks, did you really just bring world wide sucker to the New York Knicks. … Really? You brought this dude here? Why? I’m a real New York Knicks fan. I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since I was a [kid]. … C’mon [Jim] Dolan man. You gotta be kidding me, man. You brought this dude here? Really? What’s going on man. There’s gotta be an explanation. Not him. Out of all people, you bring this dude here? You bring him to NYC? To New York? He ain’t got no credibility here. Nah.”
Marbury, 43, says he remains a Knicks fan, which is why he doesn’t like what he’s seeing. “When are we really going to try to win in NY,” he tweeted at the Knicks official account. “The people of NY deserve real New York people leading the way for New Yorkers. These fake kiss a$$ blow up fast cats ain’t going to cut the check other than going into BOA to deposit the check. We sick and tired!”

Knicks hire William wesley

The New York Knicks are hiring CAA’s William Wesley as executive vice president/senior adviser, sources told ESPN. Wesley has been a consultant in the coaching division of CAA for 13 years and has a long professional and personal relationship with new Knicks president Leon Rose.
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Some league sources have suggested never to count out Calipari when Leon Rose, the new Knicks president, and William Wesley, unofficial team advisor, are involved. Last February, the Kentucky coach raved about Rose but said he wouldn’t be interested in leaving Kentucky to work for him. Calipari signed a 10-year “lifetime’’ contract with Kentucky last June.
Storyline: Knicks Coaching Search
Some league sources have suggested never to count out Calipari when Leon Rose, the new Knicks president, and William Wesley, unofficial team advisor, are involved. Last February, the Kentucky coach raved about Rose but said he wouldn’t be interested in leaving Kentucky to work for him. Calipari signed a 10-year “lifetime’’ contract with Kentucky last June.
Storyline: Knicks Coaching Search
Former Knicks coach Larry Brown, who bounced back and forth from the NBA to college during a Hall-of-Fame career, is Calipari’s longtime mentor and speaks to Calipari a couple of times a week. Brown doubts the 61-year-old Calipari would throw his hat in the ring at the last minute and upend the Knicks’ coaching search, in which Tom Thibodeau is the heavy favorite.
Mike Miller, the interim coach who acquitted himself well after taking over for Fizdale, will get a look. Kenny Atkinson will also be interviewed, according to The Athletic. Around the league, people have cautioned to never count out John Calipari, given the Kentucky coach’s strong connection to Rose’s associate, William Wesley. But the belief is that this is Thibodeau’s to lose, and a source said he’s confident about getting the job — to the point that Thibodeau has made calls to assemble a staff.

World Wide Wes not joining Knicks

After internal discussions with the New York Knicks occurred about the possibility of “Worldwide Wes” joining the franchise in a front office role alongside player agent Leon Rose, William Wesley is no longer expected to join the franchise in any formal capacity, league sources have told The Athletic.
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“I really hope the Knicks get a lot better,” Falk said. “If my boy ‘World Wide Wes’ — who I’ve known forever — is a part of the package, he’s one of the great personalities I’ve ever met. Really well-connected guy. Really interesting person. I really hope it works. And I will take bets — despite the denials — I will take bets on Calipari being the (Knicks) coach next year.”
Here’s the most important William Wesley fact for Knick fans: Many years ago, I stood talking to him pre-game, in Philadelphia, when David Stern, then still commissioner, marched up, said hello, and validated one of Wesley’s key claims to fame. He thanked Wesley for getting NBA stars to play for Team USA. In other words, Wesley has more pull with Dream Teamers than … the NBA. Wesley can call the best players on the planet and say “I need you to play,” and they show up. (Many people told me Wesley stayed on the boat with the Dream Team at the Athens Olympics, which makes perfect sense.)
Wesley has this saying: “Everybody wants to make the quick nickel. Nobody wants to make a slow dime.” It means a lot of things. Get good grades! Eat right! Don’t get in trouble with the police! Think long term! But it applies every bit as much to Dolan. Will Rose and Wesley really have the time to go all in, building a program with the culture to lure the many players in their sphere? Phil Jackson was once seen as a genius with pull, too. Rebuilding in the NBA is a long-term project, Dolan is a short-term panic purchaser, throwing quick nickels at everything.
Carmelo Anthony staged a dinner meeting with his entourage Friday night to discuss his free-agent future, according to a source familiar with the situation. Anthony, his Creative Artists Agency agent Leon Rose, and CAA advisor William Wesley were in the group of six at a well-known haunt on 28th Street called Pergola in a strategy session discussing their options. The source said the group sat in a private back room.
Thibodeau is represented by CAA and counts the agency’s representative William Wesley as one of his advisers. The powerful Wesley has heavy influence within the Knicks’ organization, especially with new president Steve Mills. According to a league source, Wesley’s insistence is why the Knicks signed J.R. Smith when he returned from China.
It wasn’t unusual, but certainly was notable, that Bryant spent a good bit of time after Sunday’s game catching up with two power brokers who make such things happen from coast to coast in the NBA: William “World Wide Wes” Wesley, the CAA operative who has sunk his influence deeply into the Knicks, and Robert “Bay” Frazier, Anthony’s business manager.
As if the Midwest region wasn’t dripping with enough storylines – Rick Pitino is unbeaten in the Sweet 16 (10-0), Izzo vs. Coach K, a potential November rematch between Louisville and Duke looming Sunday – a bizarre one emerged before tip-off tonight: Stadium security was told to be on the lookout for William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley, aka, LeBron’s BFF. Why is security on the lookout for basketball’s top power broker? It could be a number of things. Worldwide Wes is a Kentucky guy, so perhaps Rick Pitino doesn’t want him anywhere near his heavily-favored Cardinals.
Behind the scenes, a source close to the team says that William “Worldwide Wes” Wesley, a consultant for the agency that represents Anthony, informed Dolan that Carmelo was not pleased with the direction of the team under D’Antoni. This is nothing new; backstage maneuvering helped engineer Anthony’s departure from Denver and Paul’s from New Orleans. But when it comes to matters pertaining to Anthony, this source described Dolan as being easily swayed by the notoriously mysterious, famously well-connected and mythically powerful Worldwide Wes.