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Willie Green Rumors

Antonio Daniels: “What you have here in New Orleans is, a lot was going on early on in the season, new pieces trying to fit in along with head coach Willie Green. And that’s a lot to take on early; 1-12, 3-16 is what this team started. And now, at that time, the talk was, ‘Let’s tank. There’s no Zion.’ Fans all said they should just tank the season. Even when you acquired CJ McCollum. I remember Stephen A. Smith saying, ‘Oh, I don’t know what they’re doing. Why would CJ McCollum want to go there? New Orleans ain’t going anywhere anyway.’”
Antonio Daniels: “And I’m a proud believer, Etan, that the best coaches in this league are role players. You know why? Because they can relate to everybody from 1-to-15. If you’re a star player, you can’t relate to the guy who hasn’t played in six games or the guy who’s major inconsistent. Willie Green has started in this league, he’s been a sixth man, he’s been in situations where his minutes weren’t guaranteed and he’s also been in a situation where he hadn’t played at all. Tell me who on that bench he cannot relate to! And there’s nothing more important in today’s NBA than a coach’s ability to relate to his players. I don’t care about your defensive schemes, I don’t care about your X’s and O’s. If the players feel like you can’t relate to them, they will not play as hard for you. But the moment that they feel like you care about them as men, as fathers, as husbands — they will run through a wall for you. And I’m telling you, Willie Green has that locker room so engaged, because of the way that he handles himself throughout adversity.”